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About AusPharm(e)news

AusPharm(e)news is a (html formatted) daily ezine that pulls together new content published on each of the AusPharm websites. It is emailed to subscribers each weekday morning at about 7.00AM (eastern Australian time). Currently, approximately 2,500 AusPharm members receive either the basic or premium version in their inbox each day.

To receive the (e)news, you must be a registered AusPharm member. If you are not a registered member you can sign up here.

What is the difference between the basic and premium(e)news?

Only premium level AusPharm members can receive the premium version of the (e)news.

All new content from the websites (including AusPharmList posts) is published in the premium version of the (e)news.

The basic version does not contain the text of AusPharmList posts nor does it contain the 'premium' content from the AusPharmacist website (as flagged by the "premium" on the AusPharmacist website).

An example of the basic (e)news is here and the premium here.

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