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Primary Health Care Organisations - where do pharmacists fit in? :: Ron Batagol : 11/5/2010 : In response to the recent Federal Government announcement that Primary Health Care Organisations (PHCOs) are to replace Divisions of General Practice (1), the Pharmacy Guild has stated (AusPharm 13/4/10),  that it “sees pharmacists as having a very significant role in the new primary health care landscape and believes this should be reflected in having pharmacist representatives on clinical boards and governance boards”

But I have to say, with respect to the actual type of patients and the clinical scenarios envisaged in the new PHCO arrangements, if  the view expressed by the Guild  implies medication management of  these high-risk patients solely within the community pharmacy setting, as I presume it does, then unfortunately it falls far short of what is actually proposed in the PHCO concept.   More... premium

Fifth Agreement looks good but show me the money :: Stephen G. Greenwood : 4/5/2010 : Stephen Greenwood was Executive Director of the Pharmacy Guild during the negotiation of the Second, Third and Fourth Community Pharmacy Agreements.

In today's AusPharm feature he takes a critical look at yesterday's CPA5 announcement, exclusively for AusPharm premium members.

"All in all this looks like it will be a good Agreement for Pharmacy which embraces new areas of practice and complements what the Government is trying to achieve through its health and hospital reforms. Once we see the dollars in the Budget we will be able to know how good it is.

Given what’s been retained in a year when the Government is looking for massive savings it looks more and more like the Guild has dodged a bullet at least and pulled a few rabbits out of the hat."   More... premium

Where is primary and preventive health? :: PSA National President: Warwick Plunkett : 29/4/2010 : The devil is in the detail and as more detail emerges about the hospitals agreement between the States and Territories, the more questions it raises about just how effective the deal will be.

To reach the deal, the Federal Government had to stump up $4.5 billion in sweeteners to the States and Territories, a move which will make a huge dent in any funds available for programs in other health and social program areas.   More... premium

Medication charts as PBS prescriptions :: Gerard Stevens AM : 27/4/2010 : "I cannot imagine any change to the PBS that would have a greater and more beneficial impact on prescription management in aged care facilities and in pharmacies than the aged care facility medication chart being used as the prescription.

The doctor signed medication chart is the only accurate record of the medication order."   More... premium

An idiot's guide to buying a new dispensary computer :: Irwin Lowe : 20/4/2010 : Irwin's back - with advice on what you need to consider when buying a new PC for your dispensary.

"Buyer’s remorse and technological disappointment are two emotional states which can be easily avoided when determining whether a particular spanky new computer is the one that you want to make a part of your life.

The first and foremost rule of computer purchase and usage, much like many other ventures is life, is that of suitability to task. Next is optioning up. The cheaper ones in the ads are just to get you in. Frequently the price will double or treble to fully specify a decent workhorse."

    More... premium

PHCOs - get the process right :: PSA National President: Warwick Plunkett : 15/4/2010 : The announcement of the development of primary health care organisations (PHCOs) is a positive step in the ongoing march towards a truly collaborative health-care modal in Australia.

While details of how these PHCOs will operate have yet to be released,  it is clear the  network will support a range of health professionals, including pharmacists, in delivering primary health care in a consistent and accessible manner across all of Australia.

    More... premium

Stay the same and we may well become redundant :: Gerald Quigley : 13/4/2010 : AusPharm had the pleasure of meeting Gerald Quigley for the first time at APP recently - for those of you who don't know Gerald, he's a man with an opinion on most things and he's not afraid to share it with you.

In his first feature for AusPharm Gerald has a bit to say about how pharmacists should be engaging with their patients.

"I'm recently back from APP, and as a non-owner, I found myself in foreign territory! How is it that the reinforced outcome at each (self promoted) address was that we need to get involved with our patients? Well hello! Isn’t that what is profoundly fundamental to the profession in which we find ourselves?"   More... premium

Guild Roadmap lacks a destination :: PSA National President: Warwick Plunkett : 6/4/2010 : The announcement at APP by the Pharmacy Guild of the impending release of its ‘Roadmap’ for the future of pharmacy is disappointing in that it is clearly a rushed attempt to pre-empt the Issues Paper being developed by the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia and announced in October last year, and to a large degree misses the main objective of a ‘roadmap’ - knowing where you want to go.

Consequently, the Guild’s decision to rush out its own version of a program-focussed paper has been met with a barrage of criticism which has been justified as the ‘Roadmap’ would seem to be of little benefit to the profession in its current form.   More... premium

Stopping smoking and other community health issues - why do we see pathologising as the only solution? :: Ron Batagol : 30/3/2010 : There was an interesting article recently in the Weekend Australian on the theme of “pathologisation” of smoking cessation. The article puts the view that drug companies are helping to foster the belief that giving up smoking is all but impossible without the use of NRT products.

Of course, raising the issue of pathologisation for smoking cessation opens up a Pandora’s box of issues in a wide range of medical prevention and treatment programmes.   More... premium

Trouble at t' mill :: Stephen G. Greenwood : 23/3/2010 : One of the most interesting presentations given at the Australian Pharmacy Professional this year focussed on the new Pharmacy Industry Award.

Marion Whalan, the Guild’s new hotshot Industrial Relations Manager with over 15 years experience in the field gave members the lowdown on the new IR world facing pharmacists and their staff. She co-presented with the equally knowledgeable employment lawyer Peter Frazer from Guild Lawyers.   More... premium

Run that past me again :: : 18/3/2010 : Every so often we pharmacists see our medical / nursing / pharmacist colleagues exhibit puzzling, if not downright bizarre behaviour.

Today's story is the first in an occasional series of tales of such incidents. If you have a similar story to share with your fellow 'listers, send it along and, if it's suitable, we'll publish it. Of course, we'll run all of these stories anonymously and de-identified to protect the innocent / guilty.   More... premium

Tax deductibility of pharmacy conference costs :: Stuart Gardner : 16/3/2010 : Back in January, there was some discussion on AusPharmList about the tax deductibility of costs associated with attending various CE activities (here).

At the time our good friends at JR Pharmacy Services said they's put together a brief article clarifying the rules relating to this for us. In today's feature, Stuart Gardner provides us with an overview of the main issues to consider.

"The pharmacy Industry provides many conferences over the course of any year and often we are asked about their related tax deductibility. The following overview should act as a guide only with any specific claims to be worked out in consultation with your own tax adviser."   More... premium

Career options for pharmacists :: Michael Scavone : 9/3/2010 : A regular topic of discussion on AusPharmList over the years has been whether pharmacy should be recommended as a career. These discussions frequently also touched on what opportunities, other than in community pharmacy, might be available.

How well are career options and opportunities known or promoted to students, graduates and the more experienced pharmacists?   More... premium

Roster rage :: Wendy Morton : 23/2/2010 : Reading the recent and astoundingly popular “Toilet Cleaning” thread on AusPharmList (here), it strikes me how very much in common small workplaces, such as pharmacies, often seem to have with share houses.

But it doesn’t stop at the toilet cleaning roster, does it? There always seems to be someone on the team who doesn’t “pull their weight”, or habitually “forgets “ their rostered chore, or their rostered day, or both. Or does such an appalling job of a cleaning task that it has to be repeated by someone else  anyway. A siege of unwashed coffee cups, plates and cutlery stealthily invades the sink the instant the most OCD afflicted staff member turns their back to put their own freshly scalded and polished coffee mug in their locker.   More... premium

It’s a Zany World (1) :: David Haworth : 18/2/2010 : Here's the first of an occasional series of 'observations' from pharmacy locum David Haworth on some of the quirkier experiences pharmacists have.


"He ambled into the pharmacy with all the purpose of a beer keg. Short and round with a bright demeanour only exceeded by the carnival that was his clothing. He asked to speak to the pharmacist, all spittle and good manners, apologizing when a cuss word involuntarily escaped."
   More... premium

How can the prescription packaging / labeling debate be resolved and why have “guidelines” not fixed this problem? :: Mike Hobbs : 16/2/2010 : There have been numerous discussions on AusPharmList over the years about poor prescription product packaging, most recently in January this year (here).

In today's feature, packaging reform trailblazer Mike Hobbs (ex Alphapharm /  Hexal / Sandoz), gives us his take on things.

"My observations over a 20 year association with Australian pharmacists is that their concerns may not be falling on deaf ears within Pharma companies or the Regulatory Body (TGA) which can “regulate” to provide a long term solution. Rather, pharmacist concerns simply may not be reaching the ears which can assist."   More... premium

Intergenerational nonsense :: Stephen G. Greenwood : 9/2/2010 : Stephen Greenwood was the Executive Director of The Pharmacy Guild of Australia from 1992 – 2006 and worked for three of its National Presidents. Prior to that he had a long career as a senior public servant. He is now the principal of Greenwood Government Relations.

He is well placed to comment on the politics of IGR3.

"On 25 January, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd tried to the scare the pants off everyone by claiming that the third intergenerational report showed once again that the nation could not afford increasing health costs with an ageing population; that health costs were going to blow out by $200 billion; that health costs would exceed State revenues and that we would all be doomed because if we inconveniently insist on living longer there will be no one in the workforce left to pay for it all."   More... premium

National Registration CPD requirements :: John Chapman : 4/2/2010 : Australian College of Pharmacy CEO John Chapman has taken a peek into the CPD accreditation crystal ball, and sent along his analysis of things for us all to digest.

"Having read the posts on AusPharmList over the last couple of days, I thought that I'd try and shed some light on the present and likely future situation.

I am sorry that this piece is long (nearly 2,000 words) but, in my view, you can’t address the issue quickly otherwise you run the risk of only getting 1/2 or 1/3 of the story (and end up as confused as before)."

(Oh, we thought it only fair to let John spruik the benefits of College membership as his reward for this).   More... premium

Too many pharmacists spoiling the broth :: Michael Page : 2/2/2010 : In today's AusPharm feature Michael Page looks at how the explosive growth in pharmacy graduate numbers may put pressure on current pharmacy ownership models.

"The Australian Medical Association’s (AMA) newly expressed desire for general practitioners to own and “lead” pharmacies in medical centres, by lifting restrictions on ownership and proximity, may be nothing new in itself – an old argument coming from a different direction."   More... premium

Test Prescriptions :: Geoff Miller : 5/1/2010 : Today's AusPharm mini feature takes one final look at the 'Test prescription', inflicted on pharmacists by health bureaucrats in days gone by. 

The article, by pharmacy historian Geoff Miller, was first published in issue number 37 of the journal of the Australian Academy of the History of Pharmacy, Pharmacy History Australia.   More... premium

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