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AusPharm Photo of the week

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Nurofen: equally effective for lots of different kinds of pain .... :: : 26/02/2016 :

'Listers may recall that, late last year, the Federal Court found Reckitt Benckiser guilty of engaging in misleading conduct by representing that its Nurofen Specific Pain products were each formulated to treat a specific type of pain, when the products were in fact identical.

The Court ordered that Reckitt Benckiser remove the Nurofen Specific Pain products from retail shelves within 3 months and that the company publish website and newspaper corrective notices, implement a consumer protection compliance program, and pay the ACCC’s costs. It also agreed an interim packaging arrangement with Reckitt Benckiser that clearly disclosed to consumers that the products are equally effective for other forms of pain.

The new packs have just hit the shelves.

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General store :: David Haworth : 19/02/2016 :

Taken at Ungarie NSW on a trip to photograph the railway towers under the Milky Way ( another story ).

Be nice if anyone knows the story behind this little store in a run down soon to be ghost town in country New South Wales.

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HMRs in the central Qld highlands :: Karalyn Huxhagen : 12/02/2016 :

Dear flies,  

HMRs in this heat is bad enough but could you leave my coffee alone please?

It may be International Roast in a plastic cup with powdered milk but it is all I have to get me through the next 2 hours of driving.

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Should you use a patient's supplied meds for a DAA? :: Bill Arnold : 05/02/2016 :

'Listers will know there has been discussion on AusPharmList in recent times about whether or not a patient's own meds should be used when preparing a new DAA.

There were good points made on both the yay and nay sides.

Here is a picture of what was in a vitamin D bottle, brought in by a patient for packing.

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Arsphenamine :: Elizabeth Bajusz : 29/01/2016 :

This photo was taken in the pharmacy museum in New Orleans.

One can only wonder as to its use.

This photo was taken in the pharmacy museum in New Orleans.

One can only wonder as to its use.

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Remember these? :: Alana Croucher : 22/01/2016 :

I found this old pack at a locum I did last week.

Imagine recording these in our electronic recording system!!!

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Only in India (or perhaps Roma, Qld) :: Bruce Moffat : 15/01/2016 :

I don’t fancy myself as a photographer however, as this isn't National Geographic, you'll probably still  use it.

This was taken in the middle of Thekkady high up in the Western Ghats straddling Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

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Failed counselling :: Paul Drinkwater : 08/01/2016 :

My 90 year old mother in law was recently prescribed a salbutamol inhaler plus spacer as adjunctive therapy for her bronchitis.

I counselled and demonstrated how to use the device and after a long time, it appeared that she could use it competently. The attached photo shows how she was in fact using it.

The cap was still on the salbutamol aerosol and the spare salbutamol cartridge was in the body of the spacer. A salutory lesson for me, to not assume anything when counselling.

Fortunately her bronchitis has resolved, the only possible benefit from the salbutamol being due to the placebo effect.

One lives and learns!

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Brisbane sunset :: Peter Ryan : 27/11/2015 :

Sunset from 37 floors up in Brisbane one evening earlier this month.

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20c a ride :: David Haworth : 18/11/2015 :

'Our pharmacy may lay claim to having the oldest kids ride in Australian pharmacy that still operates. Guess it is about 50 years old. Tourists from the big smoke feed it with gold coins because that is what they expect it would cost for a ride!'


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