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AusPharm Photo of the week

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Look what you can buy OTC in the UAE :: Pete Tzimos : 25/10/2013 :

Seen in a pharmacy in the mall of the Emirates in Dubai, August this year. It was in the middle of the retail area a good 20m from the dispensary so no supervision from any kind of pharmacy staff.

I asked the pharmacist if there was any kind of control and he said no, you could buy as many as we wanted.

Per month it was cheaper than what we actually buy the stock from the wholesaler for. Next time am going with an empty suitcase!

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Shinjuku Tokyo, aka Disneyland for adults :: Bruce Moffat : 18/10/2013 :

A few hundred meters away is the busiest railway station in the world used by over 3 million people daily.

The area has the highest concentration of skyscrappers in Tokyo. Cutting edge architecture. Pfizer, Subaru and Fuji Heavy industries all have their headquaters there. There are flashy stores with 7 stories of shiny new electronics (except anything by Samsung, but that's another story). Across the road is the Isetan dept store. An outfit that makes David Jones look like K Mart. (In the food hall the refrigerated booze room has a doorman!)

And then there was this..... Not much deeper than it was wide.

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How to get rid of those pesky eskys :: Peter Crothers : 11/10/2013 :

This has proved very effective.

We’ve gone from a roomful (~150) to a handful in about a month.

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Stratford-Upon-Avon pharmacy :: Tricia Lawton : 04/10/2013 :

In light of the recent suggestions about coffee shops in or adjacent to pharmacies to keep customers entertained happily while scripts are prepared, I thought this example of a pharmacy in Stratford-Upon-Avon in country England took the idea an enjoyable step further.

Leave your scripts, have a counter lunch, enjoy a pint or two, grab your home supplies, collect your medicines – all within the one building.

Win, win, win all round!

[Tricia is the first winner of our monthly ‘Pharmacies of the world’ photo competition. Tricia's prize is a $500 travel voucher courtesy of Pharmacy Small Group Tours and Impact Organisation (Travel).]

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Mortar and pestle :: Cath Brunskill : 27/09/2013 :

I rescued this mortar and pestle from going in the skip at my workplace over 20 years ago now.

We were relocating the product development lab which was upstairs at the old Richardson Vicks plant in Villawood, NSW. It wasn’t just the size that spoke to me… It was stained a faint pink from calamine, as it was used in making test batches of new formulations for Clearasil and Oil of Ulan as it was known back in the day!

It was a treat to be part of real hands-on product development work (and the subsequent full-scale manufacture of those products) in Australia – you could smell it, breathe it, see it, feel it!

It currently lives in the front hall of our old building, perhaps waiting the day I have time to think about acquiring an old dispensary to fit out one of the rooms… it has the same heft as a foundation stone, so not a bad starting point.

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Royal Palace Pharmacy :: Penny Thornton : 20/09/2013 :

I took this photo while visiting the Royal Palace Pharmacy in Madrid.

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Golden Bear Tour to the Baltic States and the Trans-Siberian Railway :: Mike Lazarow : 12/09/2013 :

This photo was taken at Lake Baikal in Siberia.

Lake Baikal is the largest and deepest fresh water lake in the world.

It holds 20% of the world’s entire source of fresh water.

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Some lamb chops with your prescription, sir? :: Cathy Ries : 06/09/2013 :

I have just been shopping in Safeway in Canada and was horrified to see this dispensary separated from the meat section by a thin dividing wall.

Long may we keep pharmacies out of supermarkets in Australia!!!

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Pharmacy with a hardware slant :: Eta Chow : 30/08/2013 :

I took this photo when I was in KL last Easter.

It was so unusual to see a pharmacy with a hardware slant!!

Also, is anyone familiar with "Molecularly distilled" fish oil !??! (On the top left corner of the photo)

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Another non BMW :: Ngaire Thewlis : 23/08/2013 :

Here's the other joint winner of our Biggest B*mb of a car competition.

Ngaire says: "Here is my 1986 Toyota Corolla, still looking good... but I don't think I could even trade it in now."

Ngaire's prize? A 6 month subscription to AusPharm premium - and what better time to have one than now, with all the argy bargy that's going on over price disclosure.

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