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AusPharm Photo of the week

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Vermin :: : 18/01/2013 :

I thought I could smell something!

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A cure all pharmacy :: Murray Felstead : 11/01/2013 :

I had to give a second take when looking at the name of this pharmacy in Dubai, U.A.E.

This pharmacy (with me in front on a recent holiday) is located in the Souk Madinat Jumeirah, which is one of several souks (markets) in Dubai. 

I don't  think the Pharmacy Board in Australia will allow a pharmacy here to have such a name! Perhaps we could, but only if we CAN cure everything!

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Flowering gum :: Peter Bayly : 04/01/2013 :

In mid 2004 we headed for the Gulf of Carpentaria from Adelaide, wanting to drive gulf to gulf because "it was there" and we could.

We discovered on the way that a Subaru Outback is not a high-clearance 4WD but we eventually made it to Birdsville anyway. However, the only way out was the way we came in so we spent 3 days rained in using a tiny camper trailer for accommodation as visitors continued to fly in and demanded their pre-booked hotel accommodation.

There's not much to do in that famous town so we walked its 5 or 6 streets in various combinations and came upon this scene where the dead gums appear to be flowering.

When the roads opened we could only go east so we joined the convoys and eventually found the east coast of Australia.

Our travels within Australia are now limited to bitumen roads and overnight stays with all mod cons!

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Albany storm :: Brad Smithson : 28/12/2012 :

Here's a shot of a lightning storm a couple of weeks ago in Albany taken from my bedroom window.

This was at about hour 5 of a 7 hour thunderstorm.

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Progress of descheduling medicines at 7-Eleven :: Robert Sztar : 21/12/2012 :

Saw this at our local 7-eleven, and answers the question, whethe consumers buy Sudafed / Telfast / Codral in convenience stores.

Only 1 store I know, but it is encouraging to see this.

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Mint sauce :: Wanda Amos : 14/12/2012 :

I rarely use my compounding skills these days so thought it was worth a photo when making up the mint sauce for the lamb roast.

This is also something that is not a common entry on my menu!

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Corruption free zone :: Gina McLachlan : 07/12/2012 :

It's something we take for granted here in Australia, but not so in Tanzania. A few months before I arrived to wrok at a Tanzanian hospital the chief medical officer (i.e. CEO) had been removed, together with several senior staff, for misappropriation of hospital monies. The hospital was constantly struggling to pay bills as a result of the stolen money, and mismanagement.

It made my inventory management a little more imaginative when I had to scrounge around for any money I could find!

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Handwriting font for doctors :: : 30/11/2012 :

Less of a problem in this age of computer generated scripts of course...

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Sunday morning :: Ross McKinnon : 23/11/2012 :

This photograph was taken out the front of my house last Sunday morning.

We had noticed the koala the night before but he clearly had a big night judging by his pose here!

This photograph was taken out the front of my house last Sunday morning.

We had noticed the koala the night before but he clearly had a big night judging by his pose here!

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Crabs :: Peter Bayly : 16/11/2012 :

Last year we went home from Melbourne the long way, up the east coast and then inland via Canberra. There’s a cabin/caravan park on the southern side of the estuary at Batemans Bay alongside which there is an inlet which drains as the tide ebbs, leaving this muddy area from which hundreds of the crabs, 2 or 3 cm across, emerge.

Strangely, they do not go sideways but forward as they move as one like a flock of birds.

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