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Fancy yourself as a photographer? AusPharm regularly publishes photographs submitted by our members and would love to have a look at what you have to offer. Ideally, photos should have a pharmacy aspect to them but this is not mandatory. To submit a photo for consideration please email Mark Dunn.

AusPharm Photo of the week

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Panamax Applause :: : 25/05/2012 :

Panamax Applause was in Port Phillip Bay recently and a colleague was on the pilot launch and got this photo.

I have suggested he contact the current manufacturer to see if they might like to use it in an ad. I think they will like the applause bit.

Graham Flett

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Collectables :: Mike Hobbs : 18/05/2012 :

'Listers may be interested to know that Aldi may still have some of
these collectors items left in stock.

Yes, that's right! A stainless steel shafted loo brush in a porcelain base inscribed
with the name of a French Pharmacy!

Rationale?  Your guess is as good as mine.

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Agnes the Wombat :: Suzanne Schulz : 11/05/2012 :

Agnes the wombat visiting Terry White Chemists Port Lincoln for advice on sore feet.

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Bermagui wharf :: David Haworth : 04/05/2012 :

I'm working in Bermagui at present and look forward to catching up with retired local pharmacist Terry Irvine.

A rather photogenic little spot Bermagui.

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AusPharmList logo :: Phillip Smith : 27/04/2012 :

'Here is my suggestion for an AusPharmList logo.'

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Indian temple :: Archana Haria : 30/03/2012 :

In the absence of a new Photo of the week, this is a rerun of a photo first published almost excactly 6 years ago today, on 30th May 2008.

Approximately 40km out of Chennai in Tamil Nadu, situated on the Bay on Bengal facing the Indian ocean is a place called Mahabalipuram (a mouthful of a word that has taken me a few days to perfect!). A 1300 year old temple built by the Pallava Dynasty stands there defiant of the change in times. The beautiful hand carved rock faces of the temple exemplify the amazing skills mathematical, engineering and artistic in 'those times'.

We saw THE most AWESOME display of skill I've seen....there was a whole series of temples and sculptures all carved from ONE giant rock (half the size of Uluru?)...all this was done in the 8th century as well....what was more amazing was that there were no tools or machinery...everything was made by 'rock against rock' and the beauty and detail of the carvings were amazing...all though it is not as defined anymore due to the wearing off of the rock by the changing times and the sea air....i stood in awe at this architectural wonder claimed as a world they could create something from a giant rock was very spectacular!

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Sea Service :: Graham Flett : 23/03/2012 :

I am now retired & live at Point Lonsdale Victoria (right at Port Phillip Heads) Weather sometimes gets a bit rough and we ship watchers can take a photo like this one.

The Ship's name is" Sea Service" and the pilot boat is Akuna 4. The weather was very overcast with a fine drizzle.
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Australia's cheapest chemist? :: : 16/03/2012 :

Is this Australia's cheapest chemist?

This bus pulled up outside the Gold Coast Convention Centre immediately prior to the APP2012 gala dinner last Saturday night.

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Nellingen River at dawn :: David Haworth : 09/03/2012 :

In the absence of a new Photo of the week, this is a rerun of a photo first published almost excactly on the 5th of December, 2005.

David is an avid amateur photographer who says that now he has a new Canon DSLR he should be getting the Nobel prize for photography any day now!

He maintains an online gallery at

This photo is one is taken on the Nelligen river at Nelligen on a zero degree foggy morning just after sunrise. It was taken with a 3.2 MP Canon powershot S1.

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Horse and speed :: Peter Ryan : 02/03/2012 :

In the absence of a new Photo of the week, this is a rerun of a photo first published almost excactly on the 19th of March, 2010.

Here's something you don't see in Australia pharmacies.

The photo was taken in the UK in 2002.

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