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AusPharm Photo of the week

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The first computer generated PBS claim. :: Bill Arnold : 13/11/2015 :

This photo was taken inside O'Connor Pharmacy, somewhere round 1987-8. Warren Turk from HIC is the one on the right. Also present were Ian Porter, HIC, and John Green from AMFAC Chemdata.

The first claim took nearly an hour to process and print; program went through the file four times, picked one category at a time. Next one sorted all four in one run. On an NEC APC 3; which I had ordered with a 20 meg HDD, and was told I would NEVER need more than 10 meg. I insisted on 20 meg.

We then sent by modem, HIC supplied, from one side of Canberra to Brisbane then back to the other side of Canberra. Modem option lapsed because most pharmacists refused to use them: "they" would get into my computer and see "my" information.

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Colour :: Peter Ryan : 06/11/2015 :

I thought this colourful image might brighten up people's day.

It was taken in Santiago, Chile earlier this year on a trip which included a week in Antarctica and a visit to Patagonia.

There are only  loose connection(s) with pharmacy I am afraid to say - there were 2 pharmacists present when the shot was taken and I am sure there was a pharmacy nearby (there seem to be everywhere in you turn in Santiago).

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Homeopathic pharmacy :: Bill Arnold : 30/10/2015 :

In a recent visit to a modern shopping strip in a newish section of Dusseldorf I counted ten pharmacies, three of which were homeopathic pharmacies.

The recent FIP15 Congress them was "Science based. evidence driven".

It would appear that in Dusseldorf a goodly proportion of the citizens get satisfactory results from homeopathics....

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Clements tonic :: Jason Bratuskins : 23/10/2015 :

One of the highlights of my family's recent WA trip was the National Anzac Centre in Albany. I don’t have any connection to relatives in the war, but this was an amazing and moving visit.

Each of us received a card with someone’s name and picture on it, and using technology we followed their journey through WW1 and whether they survived or not. The technology was amazing - pen-like devices that acted as an earpiece that told a story if you touched the end on a particular marked spot on each display, touch screens, surface tablet table etc.

There was even a bit of pharmacy history there as well.

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And you thought Australian pharmacies sold questionable products ... :: Wendy Baneth : 16/10/2015 :

I am in SantaFe at present and could not resist visiting the CVS Pharmacy which has a massive footprint and large supermarket product range.

On the left as you enter there is the liquor department - 1.75l of Jim Beam for $54.99. 

Also prominent is the lolly (sorry, candy...) aisle as well.

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Coming to a pharmacy near you? :: Bill Arnold : 09/10/2015 :

One of the most popular stands in the trade show at the recent FIP Congress was giving out condoms and a my.sizer diameter measurer.

Just to make sure you get the right size.

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Amphetamines haven't always been on the outer.... :: : 02/10/2015 :

Amphetamines haven't always been the scourge on society they are seen to be today.

Right up until the 1970s they were routinely used as appetite suppressants.

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New Cadbury chocolate :: : 25/09/2015 :

Have you have heard Cadbury has new versions of its chocolate blocks out?

Some are very area specific.

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Canola :: Bill Arnold : 18/09/2015 :

Central west NSW this week.

It's a good year for Canola.

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Lovely gift :: Kellie Stevenson : 11/09/2015 :

I know every pharmacy gets treats from their customers, but I thought I'd share what we received today.
This fruit hamper was a thank you from a lovely lady who recently lost her husband. It was in those final weeks of his life that we really had the opportunity to make things so much easier on her. It brings it back to you what a difference you can make to someone's life.

I wonder what other lovely and quirky gifts 'listers have received over the years?

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