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Fancy yourself as a photographer? AusPharm regularly publishes photographs submitted by our members and would love to have a look at what you have to offer. Ideally, photos should have a pharmacy aspect to them but this is not mandatory. To submit a photo for consideration please email Mark Dunn.

AusPharm Photo of the week

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Other interests :: Peter Bayly : 02/09/2011 :

Mark started the ball rolling last week with an excellent picture of himself aboard his favourite animal.
Here is a shot of me at a lower level demonstrating the rewards of Masters Squash – a couple of trophies, a sample of supper, equipment and formal attire. The qualifying age is 30 years but we consider that cheating as I am only a little over average and looking to outdo Dennis at 82. To maintain fitness many of us play twice a week and try to take it not too seriously.

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Bella the wonder horse :: : 26/08/2011 :

Here's how your moderator spends his weekends.

This is Mark Dunn and Bella on a recent 80k 'endurance' ride.

If you have a nice photo of your own particular vice send it along and we'll share it with the pharmacy community.

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Crooked labels :: Kevin de Vries : 19/08/2011 :

I was at the Melbourne Aquarium and saw this row of sandwiches so untidily labelled.

The thought went through my head - if they take this little care with labelling, how diligent are they when it comes to making sandwiches?

Of course this would never happen in pharmacy.

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Art Deco Pharmacy :: Peter Allen : 12/08/2011 :

In Glen Eira Road Glenhuntly Melbourne stood until recently a pharmacy frozen in time. Now a florist, previously one would look through the looking glass and see everything we used to sell and nothing we now sell -- Nyal and Ipana toothpaste and Nada toothbrushes, Decore no.18 Black hair dye, hair nets, Potter and Moore smelling salts... it was hard to believe such a place could still exist. Yet its customers knew where they could always get what they had always used.  In fact when it was sold it was in the contract that nothing of substance was to be changed.

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Pharmacist of the Year and Future Pharmacist of the Year? :: Tiffany Huxhagen : 05/08/2011 :

This is 2010 PSA Pharmacist of the Year Karalyn Huxhagen with her daughter Tiffany, now a final year pharmacy student at JCU.

According to Tiff, "If I didn't know that photo was taken in a restaurant (in 1994), I'd have thought that was a dispensing label in my hand. I haven't ruled it out.."

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Salzburg :: Graham Flett : 22/07/2011 :

'Attached are a couple of photos taken last August in Salzburg.

The band was playing in the square outside the Pharmacy (with the green doors) which can be seen between the musicians. The second photo is a better one of the band, it took some time to get the photos as there were a few people around. The interior was absolutely superb with it's old apothecary jars, there was a sign asking people not to take photos of the interior, so I obliged by not doing so, however I bought a post card and scanned it and that is also attached'

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Big Pharma in waiting :: Wendy Baneth : 15/07/2011 :

'I took this photo at  Melbourne Zoo on a Chris Bray 1 day photography course......a birthday present from my staff.

Taken with my soon to be replaced EOS350D, and a borrowed, wildly  expensive Canon Macro lens.

I hand held it against the glass in the reptile cage at 1600ISO.'

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Mt Buffalo :: Anthony Carollo : 01/07/2011 :

Here are a couple of photos which were taken Dec 2010 in the Mt Buffalo area.

The first one is The Gorge on the way to top of Mt Buffalo and the second is the hut at Brents Lookout at the top of Mt Buffalo.

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Pearls of pharmacy :: Debbie Rigby : 10/06/2011 :

As ConPharm 11 winds down in Darwin, here is a photo a 'lister sent along of PSA CEO Liesel Wett and AACP Chair Debbie Rigby. It was taken at Paspaley Pearls Boutique in Darwin on Wednesday night at the Welcome Reception for speakers and sponsors.

The pearls around Debbie's neck are valued at $65,000.

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Plank Pharm! :: Peter Allen : 03/06/2011 :

Some days you are just plain flat out dispensing.

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