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AusPharm Photo of the week

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Eiffel Tower :: Debbie Rigby : 01/06/2011 :

We've got a bonus Photo of the week this week, from Research Roundup author Debbie Rigby.

Thanks to Geraldine Moses for compiling Research Roundup for the last month.
This photo was taken on my last night in Paris after a wonderful month in Europe on holiday.

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Very Frustrating Photos... :: Neil Petrie : 27/05/2011 :

I was on holidays recently and spotting this pharmacy really made my blood boil.

Pharmacists are their own worst enemy and continually shoot themselves in the foot by devaluing themselves.

Why would other health professionals and the public value a pharmacist's service if we ourselves do not value them.

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Awaiting the storm... :: Andrew Clayton : 20/05/2011 :

Canola crops awaiting the storm. Taken just with an iPhone in October last year.

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You need your Capital Chemist :: Tony Rowland : 06/05/2011 :

Recently when my wife’s father moved into aged care, we found the attached book of matches. They are over 25 years old and an interesting insight into how community, and dare I suggest pharmacy, values have changed.

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Investment opportunity :: : 29/04/2011 :

It's the property that's for sale, not the pharmacy.

A pulsating investment?

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Nagoya, Japan :: Billy Tung : 08/04/2011 :   Click here for full sized image. premium

James Well :: Chris Alderman : 01/04/2011 :

This is perhaps not as spectacular as some shots, but it reminds me of happy times.

It was taken from the porch of our beach house, in the small community of James Well on the Yorke Peninsula in South Australia.

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Kos shares amoment... :: : 25/03/2011 :

Guild President Kos Sclavos shares a special moment at APP last weekend with APP Chair and Queensland Guild Branch President Tim Logan.

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Thai Pharmacy :: Mary Boromeo : 11/03/2011 :

A Thai Pharmacy - just a counter in a large market shed, no security after hours - you can slip in behind the counter and wait for a customer!

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Project Stop :: Mandy Edwards : 04/03/2011 :

Cambodia's version of Project Stop, taken in Battambang.

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