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AusPharm Photo of the week

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Lotto! :: Bill Kelly : 12/11/2010 :

The queue outside and inside the Guardian pharmacy in Far East Plaza in Singapore  - unfortunately, or fortunately, it’s not for scripts but to get ‘lotto’ tickets.

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Smile! :: Mel Blachford : 15/10/2010 :

My 22 year-old son took this in Vietnam. What a lovely smile!

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Go Sainters :: Wendy Baneth : 01/10/2010 :

This photo relates to pharmacy in that I *wasn't* at Saints final public training yesterday!  It is why the Saints will win, it is in their hearts and minds.

Being the boss I could swing it, but have fessed up to my business partner, didn't need the excuse,  I was sick/at the Dr/at the dentist!

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Pharmacist of the future? :: Graeme Watson : 17/09/2010 :

My grandson, Benjamin, says he wants to be a pharmacist just like Pa.

Do you think he looks bright enough?

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New friend :: Tiffany Huxhagen : 27/08/2010 :

My sister Felicity is complaining that no one climbs up the hill to visit her at uni. She wanted a cat to keep her company but this guy has moved in instead.

He seems happy to share her patch of grass as long as she keeps her distance.

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EHC in Bhutan :: Wendy Baneth : 30/07/2010 :

This is the only pharmacy in the far east of Bhutan, at a place called Bumthang.

No problems here about the locals knowing that the pharmacist can provide EHC.

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El Castillo :: Chris Alderman : 09/07/2010 :

We recently visited Xunantunich, the site of a 9th century Mayan ruin in Western Belize. To get there we crossed the local Mopan River by hand-cranked ferry. Standing 40 m high are the remarkable remains of the tallest structure (pictured) - El Castillo.

Having climbed to the top, we were rewarded with panoramic vistas of the rest of the complex, the Belizean jungle, and a view extending well across the Guatemalan border some 5 km to the west.

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Here puss puss puss.... :: Roy Stevenson : 25/06/2010 :

It must be winter!!

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Recycling SIGMA boxes :: Andy Hawken : 11/06/2010 :

I can't for the life of me think of a good caption for this.

With all the to'ing and fro'ing about SIGMA 'supporting the enemy', something a bit lighter might be in order.

How about a caption competition?

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Take a number in Finland :: Kaye Aldous : 28/05/2010 :

When in Mikkeli, Finland last year I visited the local pharmacy and was pleasantly surprised by the degree of forward dispensing being practised there. I was given permission to take the attached photos.

On entering the pharmacy, the customer would take a number and wait for his/her turn to speak to one of the 12  pharmacists on duty.  It is always interesting to see how pharmacy is practised in other parts of the world.
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