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Fancy yourself as a photographer? AusPharm regularly publishes photographs submitted by our members and would love to have a look at what you have to offer. Ideally, photos should have a pharmacy aspect to them but this is not mandatory. To submit a photo for consideration please email Mark Dunn.

AusPharm Photo of the week

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Trevi Fountain :: Tony Rowland : 04/09/2009 :

After getting married in Venice in Sept 2007, my wife & I spent time enjoying the sights of Italy. Whilst in Rome, we visited the Trevi Fountain to toss in the obligatory coin.

The Fountain surrounds were as chaos as someone had just thrown in a container with red dye. We spent over an hour watching the different levels of police, military and government argue as to whether the fountain should be turned off or left on.

It was possible to determine the relevant importance of the copious number of officials in attendance. The higher ranking officials were younger, better looking and wearing flashier clothing

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Īn Den Cleynen Thems Apothekery Fevery-Dewitte :: Mark Smith : 21/08/2009 :

Just below the train station, up from the Galerie St Michel - Brussells.

An attractive building which I thought justified a photo.
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Istanbul pharmacy window :: Cathy Ries : 07/08/2009 :

I took these photos while I was on holiday in Istanbul last month.

What do you think has attracted the attention of the men so intently peering at the window display? Click the link to find out.

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Molly Bliss :: Mark Dunn : 24/07/2009 :

The AusPharm household recently took delivery of two Burmese kittens.

This is Molly Bliss, a little tired after a morning playing with her brother Kip.

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Mozart-like charm :: Josephine Dundon : 10/07/2009 :

This photo was taken on a business trip to Salzburg a couple of years ago. 

The Apoteke was closed but showed a lot of Mozart-like charm on the outside.

It is classic Salzburg architecture.

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Pharmacy 'flu window :: Martine Light : 19/06/2009 :

Here is a picture of our pharmacy flu window - the little ones enjoy looking at the teddy with a mask and we have had a good response so far.

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Shooting stars :: David Haworth : 05/06/2009 :

As a city boy locuming in the country I see a lot of interesting sights. This photo combines the iconic grain silos of the plains of NSW with the crystal clear night skies free of light pollution.

Taken near Grenfell NSW the first exposure was taken using the light of a half moon. Three minutes shed enough light on the structure.The stars are made up of 69 thirty second exposures combined together in a program called startrails. The resulting two photos were then combined in photoshop.

Now why take 69 photos when one single half an hour photo would do the same thing Mr Pharmacist? Well it seems that a digital sensor will heat up over a single long exposure with potential to cause damage. Can't risk that so I took the advice of other burnt photographers and set the camera to multi exposure and locked down the remote release and after each 30 seconds it would take another photo. The second reason is over a long exposure digital noise is emphasised and becomes a problem.

And if you point the camera south east towards the southern cross you will find the stars go round in a circle .... uhm , no, actually the earth goes around :)

I've entered this shot in the Grenfell Henry Lawson Photographic comp so fingers crossed.

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The birds are waiting to attack! :: Nancy Huynh-Vu : 01/05/2009 : I spent the weekend at Lakes Entrance, and contrary to the weather report, the days were sunny and warm - perfect for taking happy snaps!  Click here for full sized image. premium

German pharmacy? :: Mike Lazarow : 17/04/2009 :

Have a guess in which country this pharmacy is located. Germany you say? Or somewhere in Europe?

The answer is Swakopmund, Namibia. Namibia, formerly South West Africa and formerly German West Africa still has a very strong German influence and in the seaside town of Swakopmund this is very much the case. Even the street is named Kaiser Wilhelm Strasse.
I was there 2 weeks ago as part of a site inspection for the tour I am taking there in September.

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Honest pharmacy :: Murray Felstead : 03/04/2009 :

In light of David Haworth's excellent piece this week What's in a name?  I thought you might like to consider this photo I took in Hong Kong of the Honest Pharmacy.

Not sure the Australian Boards would allow this name.

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