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Fancy yourself as a photographer? AusPharm regularly publishes photographs submitted by our members and would love to have a look at what you have to offer. Ideally, photos should have a pharmacy aspect to them but this is not mandatory. To submit a photo for consideration please email Mark Dunn.

AusPharm Photo of the week

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Cosmic Corner :: Evelyn Yeoh : 27/03/2009 :

We were on holidays in Christchurch on New Years Eve. 

The shop sign was certainly an eye opener!

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The Clinic :: Valentino Cosic : 13/02/2009 :

Just thought I'd share a couple photos I took 2 nights ago. I'm currently on holidays in Singapore, and we happened to be passing by a popular tourist area, Clarke Quay where I noticed "The Clinic". At first glance it looked like the entrance to a medical centre.

Later, however, on the way back the place was open and it was actually a bar/cafe, decked out in hospital decor.

I'm not sure if someone was pulling my leg, but apparently I was told that drinks are served in IV bags.

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Legless man :: David Haworth : 30/01/2009 :

Locums away from home need hobbys.

So lightpainting white lighthouses at Tacking Point Port Macquarie with a 5 minute exposure and including oneself minus legs seemed a good idea at the time.

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Kids giving you grief? :: : 16/01/2009 :

Another new psychoactive drug hits the US market for their troubled youth.

Thanks to Andrew Roberts for bring this to our attention. As it's not his own work it doesn't technically qualify as a Photo of the week but it's worth a run anyway at a quiet time of year.

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Australia in the mud :: : 02/01/2009 :

This photo was first sent to us by Mike Lazarow but is not his own work so technically doesn't qualify as a Photo of the week.

It does, however, seem like a good photo with which to start 2009 anyway!

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King George River :: Ritche Andit : 19/12/2008 :

On the occasion of the recent release of the epic movie Australia,  I would like to humbly share my amateur photo,taken on our recent trip to the Kimberley (thanks to Symbion's Pharmacy Choice).
This part of the world is grand.  The history and the expanse makes one feel a bit tiny in the whole scheme of things.
Australia is truly blessed.

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Sunrise over Great Oyster Bay :: Graham Flett : 21/11/2008 :

This photograph of a sunrise at Great Oyster Bay near Swansea, Tasmania was taken about 6am on 5th October 2008. It was taken using a using a Nikon F80 with Fuji 400 ASA film.

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Smith Rock :: Wanda Amos : 07/11/2008 : This is Smith Rock on the central Oregon Plateau - fantastic (but scary if you are height challenged) walking trails, plus multiple rock climbing walls.

At the top you get 360 degree views of the desert, irrigated farmland,
Crooked river & distant mountains Jefferson, Washington & the Sisters.   Click here for full sized image. premium

Guards at the City Palace Jaipur, India 2006 :: Wendy Baneth : 24/10/2008 :

When the Maharajah of Jaipur travelled to Engand the urns carried Ganges water for him to drink as he deemed the water in England too polluted .

Taken with a x 200 telephoto and a Canon EOS 350D. That way I didn't pay the guard 300 rupee for posing and it's a better photo anyway!!

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Buenos Aires :: Peter Ryan : 17/10/2008 :

When traveling I am always curious to check out local pharmacies. On the recent PSA Offshore Conference I spent time in the old Peruvian Inca capital of Cusco and the Argentine capital Buenos Aires. In the cobbled streets of Cusco, you can buy antibiotics such as Norfloxacin at every corner store, not just the pharmacy! Paracetamol is very expensive, costing the equivalent of about $5AUD per 10 tablets!

In Buenos Aires, many sidewalks resemble a war zone and the curious visitor is likely to have a fall or at least a twisted ankle if you don’t constantly monitor where you are walking. Perhaps that is why this “Orthopedic Pharmacy” is there. Despite the risks, both cities are fabulous places.

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