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AusPharm Photo of the week

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Tiny greenhood orchids :: Kevin de Vries : 26/09/2008 :

These are very much the accidental orchids.

They pop up every year in an area between the house, shed and clothes line. Right next to a stormwater inspection point and through pebbly, screening stones that have been laid there. We propagate them by ignoring them for 11 months and enjoying their flowers in July every year. They tend to last for about 2-3 weeks.

We also have pink and blue caledenias, waxlip orchids, milkmaids, early nancies, leopard orchids, sun orchids (in good years), and scented sundews, climbing sundews, tall sundews and scarlet sundews (in good years). Plus cranberry heath which is out in flower at present too. All rare and all protected of course.

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Visit to Mt Yasur - an active volcano experience :: Michael Scavone : 12/09/2008 :

While in Vanuatu recently to study on-line pharmacies servicing mostly the USA, Canadian and French markets we did a  trek to Mt Yasur.

Yasur is one of the world's most active yet (apparently) safest volcanoes. The crater was well over 100 metres wide and we were treated to an amazing, colorful display of glowing and erupting molten lava being ejected hundreds of metres into the air and falling down with a huge thud and continuing to glow until cooled. Some of the molten rocks were larger than a small car.

The explosions, the sound and the generated heat created waves that would at times almost knock you backwards. This volcano activity has been going on for hundreds of years, repeating every few minutes, day and night, and the mountain and island are gradually getting bigger.

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Dead Woman's Pass, Peru :: Meredith Waddell : 29/08/2008 :

Earlier this year, while attending the PSA conference in Buenes Aires and Rio, we trekked up from the valley you see behind us, on the Inca Trail.

Five of us in the photo are pharmacists from Victoria.

I am the one in orange!

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Lion v Meerkat :: Nancy Huynh-Vu : 15/08/2008 :

Last weekend I went on safari (at Werribee Zoo!) and took some pictures I wanted to share.

Yes, the meerkats actually do stand up and act as sentinels, just like this one is doing, perched up high to get a better vantage point. A pride of lions lies just behind the meerkat enclosure (see inset).

The lion area is up on a hill. Apparently, because it's the highest point at Werribee zoo, it helps them feel as if they're in charge of their "subjects"... even though they can't get to them!

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Shark! :: Chris Alderman and Naomi Burgess : 11/07/2008 :

Chris Alderman and Naomi Burgess went through Pharmacy School together at the South Australian Institute of Technology, and did their pre-registration years in SA hospitals in the mid-1980s. Naomi now continues at the Royal Adelaide Hospital and also works in medication safety at the SA Department of Health, while Chris works at the Repatriation General Hospital and the University of SA.

Both realised a long-held dream when earlier this year they travelled with their partners to North Neptune Island, off the West Coast of SA to dive with the Great White Sharks. Several of these magnificent animals (up to 5.5 metre in length) were there to greet us and provided an amazing experience for all concerned (although not for the faint-hearted...)

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Vee got married! :: Veronica Nou : 27/06/2008 :

'Listers will have noticed that we haven't heard much from occasional AusPharm author Veronica Nou in recent times. Well, there's good reason for that as she was married earlier this year and has been a little busy as a result.

However, she was in touch recently.... "to show you how seriously I take pharmacy, I'm sending you actual wedding photos for AusPharm photo of the week. The inset is of me signing the wedding certificate with my AusPharm pen. We actually had a big feather quill pen but didn't end up using it.'

AusPharm wishes Vee and her husband all the very best for their married life.

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What's at the end of the rainbow? :: Bill Arnold : 16/05/2008 :

View of Phillip Island, from Slaughter Bay, Norfolk Island, with the original penal colony of Kingston behind me.

This shot was taken late in the afternoon of the last day of the conference. We had concluded after lunch, and had taken the opportunity to see a bit more of the island. Our planned deep sea fishing excursion had been canceled, rough conditions associated with squally weather prevented it.

There are still rainbows. Whether the pot of gold is there I know not. I do know that pharmacy as a profession does still offer the rainbow, and organisations like the ACPMM and conferences such as this one offer many of the skills we need to make the journey a fulfilling and satisfying experience.

Stay tuned for a Norfolk Island ACPPM conference report on Monday.

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Thai thinker :: Cathy Ries : 02/05/2008 :

I couldn't resist this image of a "Thai thinker".

It was taken in a hill tribe village in northern Thailand in January 2008.

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Kangaroo Island :: Peter Bayly : 18/04/2008 :

Carol and I are part way through our third ever visit to Kangaroo Island, the last about 20 years ago, which followed a request for some information about wining and dining in SA. It was also an opportunity to escape the March heat wave in Adelaide as temperatures here, and Penneshaw in particular, are 10 degrees cooler than the mainland. A sudden cool change left us shivering without appropriate clothing!

We had just had some exercise climbing down a cliff to photograph a flock of shags but by the time we got close enough for a decent shot they took off. So I took a dozen or so shots of lone birds, small groups and this one. It is not as easy to access wildlife as it was in 1977 when we stayed here with 4 young kids and stumbled on an echidna, a large goanna marching towards us and emus and kangaroos which wanted to join us in the car in search of food. Every thing is controlled by rangers or fences to limit the proximity of the beasts.

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Goodbye APP, hello Sydney :: Bill Arnold : 04/04/2008 :

I took this photo on approach into Sydney after flying from Coolangatta at the end of APP 2008. The image is cropped from a much larger photo taken with my "vest pocket" camera, a Nikon P5100. It was shot at 1/150, f5.3, ISO 64.

This Nikon is a relatively new model, with the latest generation of Nikon software, and produces up to a 12 Mb image.

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