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Fancy yourself as a photographer? AusPharm regularly publishes photographs submitted by our members and would love to have a look at what you have to offer. Ideally, photos should have a pharmacy aspect to them but this is not mandatory. To submit a photo for consideration please email Mark Dunn.

AusPharm Photo of the week

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Dream pharmacy (UK) :: Brad Smithson : 02/06/2006 :

Brad Smithson is a community pharmacist in Albany, WA. He has lived here all his life apart from 5 years at uni in Perth ("you have to get away for a while – you can tell the ones that haven’t") and 10 months working/traveling the UK and Europe ("highly recommended – get in while you can").

Brad says the photography hobby came about as part of the traveling with the two going hand in hand very easily.

Brad sent along this photo of what some people might regard as their 'dream pharmacy'.

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Gallipolli 2006 :: Murray Felstead : 26/05/2006 :

This year I had the privilege to travel to Gallipoli in Turkey for the morning service at Anzac Cove on Anzac Day. I would thoroughly recommend that all Australians and New Zealanders to do it at least once in their lifetime. There were about 10,000 there this year, including some Turks. The experience highlighted the difficulties and injustices both the Anzacs and the Turks endured, as they were both acting under orders from other countries - Anzacs from Britain and Turkey from Germany. It was amazing to realise the respect both the Anzacs had for the Turks and the Turks had for the Anzacs.

The camera used was a Olympus D40Z. I was given lots of warnings about crime in Turkey. I saw none, but when I returned to my job at Stoke on Trent in the UK, the following weekend I was down in London and on my return to the Hospital accomodation found my room burgled and the camera (amongst other things) was gone. So much for crime in Turkey!! I'll be back in Australia in September (looking forward to it).

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Strathlyn and Daniel Alps Restaurant :: Trish Stott : 19/05/2006 :

This photo was taken recently up in the vineyard at Strathlyn and Daniel Alps Restaurant (my very favourite place for a long relaxing lunch of wonderful local produce and a very good cold climate pinot or two).

It overlooks the Tamar as part of the Tamar Valley Wine Route, and is about 20 minutes North of Launceston (and incidentally about 20mins South of Beaconsfield). It is one of the many pretty places to come to and the perfect place to unwind for stressed out pharmacists.

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Mt Wellington and the River Derwent :: Tony Wiss : 12/05/2006 :

This photo of Mr Wellington was taken last week from my home in Lindisfarne, a Hobart suburb, on the eastern shore the River Derwent. As you might guess it's a bit cool down here but the air is fresh and each season has its own charms.

The snow has now gone but it will be back. If you want to keep an eye on ever-changing Mt Wellington a local high school has a web cam - click here to visit.

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Twins :: David Haworth : 28/04/2006 :

Earlier this year I finished a stint working at Totem Pharmacy Balgowlah.

Because the shopping centre in which it was located closed for a 2 year rebuilding program, they have had to relocate to Sydney Road. The only vacant store was next to Hadleys Pharmacy so we have this unusual situation of pharmacies side by side for the next little while.

The public often stop outside on the footpath mentally scratching their heads in amazement!

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Please don't say "Only in New York!!" :: Murray Felstead : 16/02/2006 :

My wife and I have just got back from a short holiday in New York (currently on a working holiday in the UK). The attached photo was taken outside Penn Station on W31st Street between Seventh and Eighth Avenues New York. It is a very large ad for Levitra. I don't know if any other 'listers have seen such a large sized ad for one of these products? It certainly was a surprise to see, but I also saw several television ads for other prescription products as well. This photo was taken with a Canon EOS 20D with a Tamron 18-200mm lens, shutter speed 1/100th at f6.3

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THE MAID OF THE RINGS :: Peter Allen : 23/01/2006 :

Last week my son married and our grand-daughter Lily, aged 5 was flower-girl. Up until this moment she was lined up beside the bridesmaids, but there are times when you just have to get a closer look.

As father of the groom one is meant to be quietly decorous and certainly not flit about flashing photos. But as a lifelong shutterbug I simply had to save the occasion, to use my new Canon digital SLR setting the sensitivity to high (800 ISO). I hate flash -- it kills skin tones, and wedding dresses even more. Imported via the net from B&H Photo in New York, the lens improves on the one supplied, being longer (135mm equiv. vs 80mm -- precise framing to exclude anything non-essential is crucial to me) plus it has some gyroscopic image stabilising, so hand-holding at 1/10 second is like 1/50 normally.

David Haworth's landscape is great; my preference is to catch 'magic moments.' A friend who takes great photos is often asked, "what camera do you use?" to which he replies "I'll lend it to you." It's the eye that makes the picture, not the gear. Yes there was a pro photographer there, and the two albums are like two different weddings.

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Arrowtown Pharmacy :: Peter Ryan : 17/01/2006 :

Here is a photo taken outside the Arrowtown (NZ) pharmacy In December last year.

Unfortunately my digital SLR had just been drowned on a jet boat in Queenstown, so I used an Olympus Mu2 film camera for this image. Usually I use a Nikon D70 Digital SLR camera with a variety of lenses.

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