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AusPharm Photo of the week

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Walgett drought :: David Haworth : 12/06/2015 :

This was taken one morning in March leaving Walgett with 70 days of town water left and no real rain for over 3 years.

Just 80km South down the road before Coonamble the green begins and winter crops are starting to be sown.

For some reason the rain clouds just can't muster the strength to move north into the drought zone.

I am back for a week's work and still it's blue sky and dust.

Truly a natural disaster for the locals.

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An impressive array :: Michael Lowry : 05/06/2015 :

While on holidays in Dubrovnik, Croatia  I came across this old pharmacy.  

The pharmacy, located inside the Franciscan monastery, was opened in 1317. It is the third oldest pharmacy in Europe, but the only one still working. The inventories, ceramics, bowls, laboratory equipment and old medical books of the old Pharmacy are kept in the Franciscan Monastery Museum, among other highly valued and priceless objects of Dubrovnik's historic and cultural past.

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E-cig shop :: : 29/05/2015 :

I took this photo in Seoul, South Korea earlier this year.

As far as I can tell it's a shop dedicated to electronic cigarettes ("The Professional E-Liquid (sic) Comapany").

I snapped the photo as we were frantically racing with our luggage through an underground mall between two train stations, trying catch a train to the airport and avoid a massive demonstration at city hall.

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Tasmanian pharmacy counter moves to Sydney :: David Haworth : 22/05/2015 :

While having coffee at the kiosk at Audley Weir in the Royal National Park today we remarked on the magnificent counter.

We were told it was imported from Tasmania and was a counter in a pharmacy.

I wonder if anyone recognizes it?

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Nothing new under the sun... :: : 15/05/2015 :

The clip below is taken from the Melbourne Sun News-Pictorial in June 1990.

Later that year the Sun was merged with its longer running sister publication, The Herald, to become the Herald Sun.

Thanks to Peter Allen for sending the article along.

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Kraków pharmacy museum :: Karalyn Huxhagen : 08/05/2015 :

Earlier this week I was in Krakow as part of the PSA Offshore Refresher Conference.

The beautiful pharmacy museum is well worth a visit.

Allow a few hours to visit the large array of exhibits that come from many private collections.

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A glimmer of hope? :: David Haworth : 01/05/2015 :

Working in the drought stricken areas of NSW there is shrinkage in the land and buildings move a bit.

This is the back corner of the dispensary as the afternoon sun comes in.

Or maybe it’s just a 6CPA glimmer of hope?

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Elephant selfie :: Cathy Martin : 24/04/2015 :

This photo was taken a few years back in Thailand. A number of other elephants were painting at the same time, producing abstracts and rainbow coloured flowers. This elephant was the outstanding artiste. 
The final picture  included a baby elephant – however I couldn’t get a good photo of that because  my view was somewhat obscured by the size of this elephant’s rear end.

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Counting triangle :: : 17/04/2015 :

What’s wrong with this?

(One of our schmicko AusPharm pens to the ‘lister who sends along the ‘best’ response by Sunday night.)

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Logistics :: Andrew Roberts : 02/04/2015 :

Our monthly medications arriving at Warburton.

Plane offers us the most reliable deliveries but certainly costs more. However trucks out of Alice arrive each month and aren’t set up for cold chain and we have no trucks out of Kalgoorlie.

This is the only tarmac strip on the lands. However in heavy rain people have paddled a bath tub across it.

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