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Fancy yourself as a photographer? AusPharm regularly publishes photographs submitted by our members and would love to have a look at what you have to offer. Ideally, photos should have a pharmacy aspect to them but this is not mandatory. To submit a photo for consideration please email Mark Dunn.

AusPharm Photo of the week

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Beyond the Brewery :: Daniel Bernal : 16/01/2015 :

Behind the old Cascade Brewery lies the stunning Organ Pipes of Mt Wellington, a bright sunset, and our temporary home.

A special part of the world!

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A day in the life of a remote area pharmacist :: : 09/01/2015 :

Seems only appropriate that this week's Photo of the week should cover more of Guild President George Tambassis and remote area pharmacist Robbo's outback adventure.


At Wanarn community they have an old clinic and a new clinic (not yet open) and an 18-bed aged care facility. Robbo and Guild President George Tamabassis are pictured below (top photo) outside the new clinic.

There is also an airstrip for Royal Flying Doctor Service medical evacuations - one of which the two witnessed yesterday (middle photo).

The bottom photo shows Robbo and George with some little mates at the local shop (Warrunyinna Store)  at Jameson community, WA.

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Outback road :: Andrew (Robbo) Roberts : 24/12/2014 :

Don’t you just hate it when a one hour drive to a clinic turns into a four hour drive home in a river?

Andrew Roberts is a pharmacist with a passion for working (and living) in remote Australia - he works exclusively in remote and rural Australia.

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Losec :: Cathy Martin : 19/12/2014 :

This photo was taken two weeks ago inside the Colosseum in Rome.

Original marble pieces of the building that are carved in any way, such as with letters, flowers or symbols, are kept ‘on show’ around various corridors.

Funnily enough - because I was quite excited when I discovered this particular piece of marble - lots of other tourists came over and photographed it too.

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Evening ride :: Daniel Bernal : 12/12/2014 :

Me, riding “off into the sunset” at Arm End, Tasmania.

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Perth 1969 :: Bill Arnold : 05/12/2014 :

In 1968 a group of young pharmacy owners in Canberra and surrounds formed a merchandising company to promote "Chemist Only" products on TV, to slow down the drift of product to open selling. We had great support from people like Parke Davis, Burroughs Wellcome and others.

In 1969 a group in Southern Western Australia invited three of us to come over and talk to them about what we were doing. This photo was taken on a brief "drive round and have a look at Perth”.

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Sex Perparation for Woman :: Wendy Baneth : 28/11/2014 :

This pharmacy is in the Karnak Temple, Luxor, Egypt, where I am at present. 

I am intrigued by the "Sex Perparation" for Woman, but as the pharmacy was closed could not research the Perp further!

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Manatees :: Chris Alderman : 21/11/2014 :

Recently visited Orlando Florida for the Annual Meeting of the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists, and CCGP Board meeting.

After the business part was done, I rented a car and drove about 130 km west to the little town of Homosassa Springs. Whilst there I was able to go snorkelling with the manatees. What a brilliant experience – about 30 of them in the area, gentle but huge (the biggest ones are nearly 4 m long and weigh in at about 1000 kg).

A couple of very happy hours spent in the company of some gentle giants – even the “pups” were friendly – one eyeballed me from a distance of about 50 cm for a good minute or more.

Magical experience.

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Federated Pharmaceutical Service Guild of Australia :: : 13/11/2014 :

From a ‘lister who wishes to remain anonymous...

This is a car badge I bought from the NSW branch of the Guild, after I was registered in 1961. I can't remember how much it cost me, but I was told that it was the last one that they had & I could have it a reduced price, as there were a few scratches on it. I am a Ph.C. and am still registered as a pharmacist, working 1 or 2 days a week as a casual.

Comment from former Pharmacy Guild Executive Director, Stephen Greenwood à "The name of the Federated Pharmaceutical Service Guild of Australia was changed in April 1968 to The Pharmacy Guild of Australia to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the Guild and the opening of its new headquarters in Brisbane. The Rx in the car badge was identical to the Rx registered as part of the Guild Gold Cross. As far as I am aware the badges were a marketing venture of the New South Wales Branch alone and not available or authorised nationally.

I am not surprised that the car badge shown was the last one as even by 1961 most people only referred to 'The Guild'. The old name was also misleading as the Guild might have been formed at a federal conference but it was always a single legal entity and never a federal body in the legal sense. Tell that to the Branches."

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Kalash children :: Tony Lee : 07/11/2014 :

These are children of the Kalash tribe that live in a few valleys near Chitral about 1200m up in NW Pakistan. They are supposedly descendants of soldiers of Alexander the Great of Macedon (passed this way in 327BC), and the Greek facial features are very apparent on the older teenage girls.

The valleys are lush with deodar and hollyoak, the houses solid and made of wood, packed with mud and stone, and animals often on the bottom floor. They cultivate wheat, millet, maize, lentils, and herd goats and some cows. They grow grapes, mulberries, apricots, plums and apples..also walnuts and chickens. They are happy to be photographed as children, but not as they get older. They number about 3000 max. All clothes are home spun,and the jewelery hand made and all very colourful.

You could spend a month in these valleys hiking and exploring and never be bored. It was a privilege to be guns, bombs..just peace and gentle people.

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