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AusPharm Photo of the week

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As time goes by :: Peter Miller : 22/08/2014 :

I am a second generation rural pharmacist, currently living and working in Yass, NSW.

We recently had some automation installed in our pharmacy dispensary. The reno we did allowed some space to display some of my father's original equipment - the display happened to be alongside the robot.

My dad was pretty happy with himself when he realised he had practiced with both sets of equipment (he works a few days every few months).

Quite a change in the way we work...

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Pharmacy of the Year? :: : 15/08/2014 :

Is this an entrant for Pharmacy of the year?

The car is parked in front of the pharmacy.

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Wagonga Inlet :: Martine Light : 08/08/2014 :

This photo, taken by my daughter, is the view from our house of the Wagonga Inlet in Narooma.

Needless to say after a hard day's work in the pharmacy this view never ceases to amaze me and lift my spirits!

I consider myself very lucky to work and live in such a pristine area.

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Taj Mahal :: Jason Bratuskins : 01/08/2014 :

Wow.  Mind blowing experience.

No water in the fountains on Saturdays unfortunately, when I was there.

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Doron Medicum :: Sydney Aquino : 25/07/2014 :

I recently picked up a rare copy of "Doron Medicum or a Supplement to the New London Dispensatory, written by Dr William Salmon and published in 1688. Dr Salmon wrote quite a few medical books around that time.

It is a very interesting read including Chymical Observations, The Art of Compounding Medicines etc. 

It has uses for everything from viper venom to cure cancer to toads for dropsie and urine for gout.  The use of a “toad” makes for interesting reading (as does storks & peacocks)!  Over 500 pages of cures, formulations and scientific observations of everything "Chymical & Physick".

It's amazing that the herbs that appear in modern day CAMs eg. Valerian etc have stayed in vogue for more than 300 years.

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Pharmacie des Cordeliers :: Angus Thompson : 18/07/2014 :

A pharmacy in Gourdon, France.

Scantily clad ladies in window posters are clearly the way to go!

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Farmacia Canine :: Andrew Jagels : 12/07/2014 :

Seen in Faro, Portugal.

I was tempted to describe it as a dog of a pharmacy but it actually looked very tidy!

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Celebrating a win :: Debbie Rigby : 04/07/2014 :

AACP Consultant 2014 Consultant Pharmacist of the Year, Chris Freeman, acknowledged by his work colleagues.

Chris was also the 2011 PSA Young Pharmacist of the Year.

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Pharmacy in Cazals, France :: Angus Thompson : 27/06/2014 :

Obviously hard times have hit business!

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Grande Pharmacie Du Centre :: Bruce Moffat : 20/06/2014 :

I love a pharmacy that makes a bold statement. This one is opposite the Cathedrale Notre-Dame in Rouen France so it has competition for a striking visage.

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