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AusPharm Photo of the week

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Stationery box :: Susan Cheng : 13/06/2014 :

The owner of the pharmacy where I work strongly encourages an environmentally friendly approach in the workplace.

Over the years, staff have developed many creative ideas for stationery – re-using the back of invoices, creating signs from scrap cardboard, old SN cards for patient files, etc.

Inspiration recently led me to develop a stationery box from a 2007 MIMS Annual. The sturdiness of the MIMS Annual cover made it very suitable for the basic structure of the box. The pages were used to line smaller boxes within the outer structure. The lines of text form an interesting pattern. It almost feels as though the stationery box is flowing with clinical knowledge.

I also happen to work at MIMS so I am blessed with an almost endless supply of old reference texts.

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Overcoming tamper-proof formulations :: Brett Phillips : 06/06/2014 :

Great effort from Brett Phillips in this week's Photo of the week, which demonstrates one creative use of those old, bulky pharmacy texts, rarely or never used for their intended purpose these days.

He's managed (with tongue firmly in cheek) to combine two of this week's topical issues on AusPharm in one very nice photo collage.

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Short Memory :: Amin Javanmard : 30/05/2014 :

How short memories must be at Pfizer HQ.

Perhaps some Aricept would help?


Another dissatisfied Pfizer customer!

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The local doctor and pharmacy at Ephesus :: Michelle Jenkins : 23/05/2014 :

I took these photos in Ephesus several years ago when I was on holidays on holidays in Turkey with my husband. Ephesus is an amazing Roman ruin, which in its day (2000 years ago) was a city with a population of about 200,000 people.
We took a walking tour of the city, which had many incredible sights, and our guide stopped and pointed these 2 marble sculptures out to us - the local doctor and pharmacy. They were just across the road from each other. If you look closely you can see the snake and the staff (doctor) and the mortar and pestle (pharmacy). It made my day!

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No Ran baxy India generics permitted? :: Amin Javanmard : 16/05/2014 :

Anyone else seen a doctor go so far as to get their own stamp created to forbid substitution to an entire brand's products on their scripts?

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Lifta :: Rob Anderson : 09/05/2014 :

I took this photo in Istanbul and could not stop laughing at the "relevance" of the product name that was prominently displayed in the front window.

Why are our names so comparatively boring......

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Supervia*ra :: Michael Anderson : 02/05/2014 :

I was looking for something to overcome my jet lag after arriving in Mexico and came upon this pharmacy.

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Pleasure Dome :: David Wools-Cobb : 24/04/2014 :

This is a photo of my favourite place on Earth, "Pleasure Dome", a huge chamber in Kubla Khan Cave, Tasmania. Access to this cave is extremely limited, by both permit and the technical skills required. That's my daughter Jessica in the photo. This is just one section of this magnificently decorated chamber.

I go caving to find my 'balance'. After spending time within the four walls of my pharmacy, being surrounded by rock seems great!

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How depressing :: Kathryn Law : 17/04/2014 :

I took this out to supply to a client and, even though both halves of the capsule were there, the end had been cut off.

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1987 :: Julian Ang : 04/04/2014 :

This box was handed into my pharmacy this week. It expired in 1987!

At least it has now been disposed of correctly.

What's the oldest expired drug you've had handed in for safe disposal?

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