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Practice Pearls

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  1. 24/10/2007

    Pearl: Dispensary message tags

    Peter the Pearlcaster says: "You dispense a prescription for a patient who will call back later. You need to communicate with them when they come back. How do you do that?"

    A smart colleague showed me how she had prepared a set of tags that cover most situations. Simply add one to the basket for when they call back...

    Medicare Card please, Item in Fridge, and seven more.

    More... premium

  2. 11/10/2007

    Pearl: phone me at home any time

    Peter the Pearlcaster says: "Call me any time....."

    Weren't you mightily impressed when your doctor offered, "Here is my phone number at home. You can call me there any time you need me, any time at all."

    How good would you look if you said to your favourite clients, "Take my business card, put it by your phone, and call me, even at home, when you need me."

    Read on, it is relevant...

    More... premium

  3. 25/09/2007

    Pearl: Lunchtime medication at school

    Here's a little 'mini' Pearl from Peter the pearlcaster......

    Here's something simple. It shows that you care for your people, by giving them something beyond what they expect.

    Young Peter the Pupil has been prescribed flucloxacillin qid. How will he handle his mid-day dose at school?

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  4. 12/09/2007


    Peter the pearlcaster writes:

    ..EXCEPT when they should be kept OUT of the fridge
    Don't you really REALLY hate the confusing (and WRONG) labelling on the thyroxine tablets outer box, AND on the individual bottles in big bold red letters


    More... premium

  5. 10/08/2007

    Pearl: Electrolyte Replacement .. no extra drinks

    Peter the pearlcaster writes:

    "If I've told you once, I must have told you a dozen times."

    My mother, and probably your mother too. Sometimes it takes a bit of drumming in to make the point stick. Just because it says something in the medicine packaging, something very important, don't assume that people either read it, or act on it.

    Gastrolyte is a perfect case in point. Also Hydralyte, Pedialyte, ORS and any other electrolyte replacement therapy. More... premium

  6. 27/07/2007

    Pearl: The coolest pearl of all time

    Peter the pearlcaster writes:

    Once upon a time, there was heated discussion among the profession about making mixtures taste nice, because up until then, 'if it tastes bad it must be good for you.' The first product going against that was Incremin with iron tonic for kiddies; it tasted nice -- would the littlies secretly gobble it down and get sick -- like my kids who sneak into the pantry and eat teaspoonfuls of Milo powder -- with their brown lips refuting their denials.

    Would children overdose themselves?

    It was the same with pleasant flavoured analgesics -- Aspro Clear, soluble paracetamol even, which is naturally very bitter and unpalatable. Fortunately, the predicted self-poisonings seem not to have happened. More... premium

  7. 20/06/2007

    Pearl: Wondermycin tds mnn

    Peter the pearlcaster writes:

    A friend who likes partying with Paris Hilton dropped into the hospital recently and was told:

    "You have herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis."

    "What does that mean?" he asked."It means that you're an incurable romantic."

    So they admitted him. To an isolation ward. "We'll be feeding you pizza, pancakes and flounder." "Will that cure me?" he asked anxiously "Actually, no. But..."

    DRUM ROLL ........

    They prescribed him Wondermycin 5G x20, "For the Man who has Everything!" sig 1 tds *strictly* q6-8h . "When do I take these? With meals?" aaargh!

    Here's an 'own sig' that gives some valuable added value to your counselling.

    For a lousy two and a half [tax-deductible and CPD-able] dollars a week, join in. Paying Customers get the zinger, plus a pearl that saves me much breath each day..... More... premium

  8. 28/05/2007

    Pearl: Eichorn's remedy - noughts and crosses

    Peter the pearlcaster writes:

    The recent Eichorn's remedy thread noted that it is mixed in ethyl alcohol 68% v/w.........

    Sixty-eight per-cent. Why? Nobody knows. But it gives us a chance to show some really flashy pharma-stuff.

    A) First year students -- cinchy:
    Have Alc 90% Need Alc 68%
    By simple proportion, take 68mls of SVI and add water to make up to 90mls (or scaled up proportionally) in a measure.. Wait until it cools and further adjust to volume.
    NB Don't just add 90-68=22mls. It will be MORE than 22mls because of 'shrinkage.' Somewhat like adding water to sand.

    Now! A practical pharmaceutics calculation for the BYTs (Bright Young Things) who haven't been shown this magic. Be amazed and impressed ... More... premium

  9. 18/05/2007

    Pearl: Prednisolone reducing schedule

    Peter the pearlcaster writes:

    We get prescriptions for a stat dose of steroids, such as prednisolone tablets, or child's mixture, with the dose reducing over following days.

    One I dispensed today was Rx 30 tabs 25mg, sig: "2 daily reduce by half a tablet every two days until zero." Another was for a young boy; 5mg "6 stat reduce one a day." Here's a tip that was well received by both clients. One of them already had a scrap of paper with the dose schedule scribbled upon it but liked my idea better.

    Plus two more useful counselling tips that value add your professional image and take very little time; a bonus for your intelligent patients showing exactly what is happening and WHY they should be complicit in their reducing dosing. For the best motivator towards compliance is understanding, much more effective than a didactic "You must..." More... premium

  10. 16/03/2007

    Pearl: 'Medicines are expensive.'

    Peter the pearlcaster writes:

    When you've heard the comment "Medicines are expensive" and you think it's worth refuting, here's something I find works.More... premium

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