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Practice Pearls

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  1. 11/10/2005

    Did your mum know who was going to win the Nobel prize? Mine did.

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  2. 28/09/2005

    When a footy-tragic gets his Augmentin, do you say: A)"Maaaaate, feel free to have a beer or three after the game to celebrate / drown your sorrows." or B) "Don't drink alcohol while on this medicine." Click here for more

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  3. 13/09/2005

    You spot an 'interesting' interaction, say Moduretic and Slow-K, you feel like telling the doctor, "You really missed a zinger this time" but you struggle for a better way to raise it...

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  4. 30/08/2005

    Clinical psychologist Dr Bob Montgomery once gave a presentation on communication skills. He pointed out that people are resistant when directed what to do. Think how you feel when someone says, 'You must do this' -- your defences cut in, you like to protect your autonomy. More......

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  5. 16/08/2005

    There are TWO reasons why your customers need to gargle and spit after their steroid asthma spray. What is the other one?

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  6. 31/07/2005

    When swallowing a gelatin capsule, DON'T chase it down with a hot drink. Why not?

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