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AusPharm Research Roundup is a weekly column collated by Debbie Rigby that is designed to bring AusPharmers a summary of selected research papers published during the preceding week or two.

AusPharm Research Roundup

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  1. 12/03/2014 :

    Making Sense of Allergic Rhinitis: A Comprehensive Look at Causes, Co-Morbidities, and Effective Treatment Strategies: Pharmacy Times
    Predictors of New-Onset Widespread Pain in Older Adults: Arthritis & Rheumatolog
    Antihypertensive Medications and Serious Fall Injuries: JAMA Intern Med
    Warfarin Interactions With Antibiotics in the Ambulatory Care Setting: JAMA Intern Med

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  2. 05/03/2014 :

    Echinacea for preventing and treating the common cold: Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews
    Baseline Selenium Status and Effects of Selenium and Vitamin E Supplementation on Prostate Cancer Risk: Journal of the National Cancer Institute
    Vitamin D Intake in Mid-pregnancy and Child Allergic Disease: BMC Pregnancy Childbirth
    Acetaminophen Use During Pregnancy, Behavioral Problems, and Hyperkinetic Disorders: JAMA Pediatr

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  3. 26/02/2014 :

    Is statin-induced diabetes clinically relevant? A comprehensive review of the literature: Diabetes Obes Metab
    Aspirin Use In Heart Failure: Is Low Dose Therapy Associated With Mortality And Morbidity Benefits In A  Large Community Population?: Circulation: Heart Failure
    Improving Medication Adherence in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: Respiratory Research
    A Large Case-Control Study Reveals a Positive Association Between Bisphosphonate Use and Delayed Dental Healing and Osteonecrosis of the Jaw: Journal of Bone and Mineral Research

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  4. 19/02/2014 :

    Women’s Health Initiative clinical trials: interaction of calcium and vitamin D with hormone therapy: Menopause
    Statins, systemic inflammation and risk of death in COPD: The Rotterdam study: Pulmonary Pharmacology & Therapeutics
    Effectiveness of Combination Therapy With Statin and Another Lipid-Modifying Agent Compared With Intensified Statin Monotherapy: Annals of Internal Medicine
    Oral vitamin B12: a cost-effective alternative: Canadian Family Physician

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  5. 12/02/2014 :

    A Diet Low in FODMAPs Reduces Symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Gastroenterology
    A practice tool for the new oral anticoagulants: Canadian Pharmacists Journal
    2014 Evidence-Based Guideline for the Management of High Blood Pressure in Adults: JAMA
    Lipid Management in Chronic Kidney Disease: Annals of Internal Medicine

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  6. 05/02/2014 :

    Prophylactic Use of a Probiotic in the Prevention of Colic, Regurgitation, and Functional Constipation: JAMA Pediatr
    The effect of vitamin D supplementation on skeletal, vascular, or cancer outcomes: Lancet Diabetes Endocrinol
    Treatment of Blood Cholesterol to Reduce Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease Risk in Adults: Annals of Internal Medicine
    Untangling the relationship between medication adherence and post–myocardial infarction outcomes: Medication adherence and clinical outcomes: Am Heart

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  7. 29/01/2014 :

    Clinical Experience With Duloxetine in the Management of Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain: Ther Adv Musculoskel Dis
    Relationship between medication beliefs, self-reported and refill adherence, and symptoms in patients with asthma using inhaled corticosteroids: Patient Preference and Adherence
    Diverticular Disease:
    Clin Gastroenterol Hepatol
    Impact of High Risk Drug Use on Hospitalization and Mortality in Older People with and without Alzheimer’s Disease: A National Population Cohort Study: PLOS ONE

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  8. 22/01/2014 :

    Combination Varenicline and Bupropion SR for Tobacco-Dependence Treatment in Cigarette Smokers: JAMA
    Pharmacological Treatments for Smoking Cessation: JAMA
    Smoking Cessation and the Risk of Cataract: JAMA Ophthalmol
    Effect of Vitamin E and Memantine on Functional Decline in Alzheimer Disease: JAMA

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  9. 15/01/2014 :

    The use of dietary supplements and their association with blood pressure in a large Midwestern cohort: BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine
    Glucosamine and chondroitin for knee osteoarthritis: Ann Rheum Dis
    Myocardial ischemic events in ‘real world’ patients with atrial fibrillation treated with dabigatran or warfarin: The American Journal of Medicine
    Complementary and alternative medicine use and asthma: relation to asthma severity and comorbid chronic disease: Journal of Asthma

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  10. 08/01/2014 :

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Plus Amitriptyline for Chronic Migraine in Children and Adolescents: JAMA
    Anastrozole for prevention of breast cancer in high-risk postmenopausal women: The Lancet
    Long-Term Multivitamin Supplementation and Cognitive Function in Men: Annals of Internal Medicine
    Oral High-Dose Multivitamins and Minerals After Myocardial Infarction: Annals of Internal Medicine

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  11. 30/12/2013 :

    A statin a day keeps the doctor away: comparative proverb assessment modelling study: BMJ
    Rates of Complications and Mortality in Older Patients With Diabetes Mellitus: JAMA
    Proton Pump Inhibitor and Histamine 2 Receptor Antagonist Use and Vitamin B12 Deficiency: JAMA
    Canadian guidelines for chronic rhinosinusitis: Can Fam Physician

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  12. 24/12/2013 :

    Prophylactic antibiotic therapy for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews
    Vitamin D status and ill health: a systematic review: The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology
    Lipid Management in Chronic Kidney Disease: Annals of Internal Medicine
    Effect of β blockers on mortality after myocardial infarction in adults with COPD: BMJ

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  13. 18/12/2013 :

    Probiotic supplementation during pregnancy or infancy for the prevention of asthma and wheeze: BMJ
    Comparison of the efficacy and safety of new oral anticoagulants with warfarin in patients with atrial fibrillation: The Lancet
    The impact of azithromycin therapy on the airway microbiota in asthma: Thorax Online First
    Ingredients of Successful Interventions to Improve Medication Adherence: JAMA

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  14. 11/12/2013 :

    Association between cardiovascular events and sodium-containing effervescent, dispersible, and soluble drugs: BMJ
    Effect of β blockers on mortality after myocardial infarction in adults with COPD: BMJ
    Efficacy and safety evaluation of intensive statin therapy in older patients with coronary heart disease: European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology
    Sodium-glucose co-transporter inhibitors: Australian Prescriber

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  15. 04/12/2013 :

    Guideline on the Treatment of Blood Cholesterol to Reduce Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Risk in Adults: J Am Coll Cardiol 2013
    The prevalence of depression in rheumatoid arthritis: Rheumatology
    What is an appropriate blood pressure goal for the elderly: review of recent studies and practical recommendations: Clinical Interventions in Aging
    A modern analgesics pain ‘pyramid’: Journal of Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics

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  16. 27/11/2013 :

    Statin treatment and risk of recurrent venous thromboembolism: BMJ
    Vitamin and Mineral Supplements in the Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease and Cancer: Annals of Internal Medicine
    Calcium-Channel Blocker–Clarithromycin Drug Interactions and Acute Kidney Injury: JAMA
    Antibiotic resistance and prescribing in Australia: current attitudes and practice of GPs: Healthcare Infection

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  17. 20/11/2013 :

    Update on the management of atrial fibrillation: Medical Journal of Australia
    Update on Pharmacotherapeutic Options for Rheumatoid Arthritis: US Pharm
    Atrial Fibrillation and the Risk of Myocardial Infarction: JAMA Intern Med
    Long-acting beta2-agonists for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews

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  18. 13/11/2013 :

    Prescribing patterns of novel oral anticoagulants following regulatory approval for atrial fibrillation in Ontario, Canada: CMAJ Open
    Comparison of orally administered bisphosphonate drugs in reducing the risk of hip fracture in older adults: CMAJ Open
    Predictors of communication preferences in patients with chronic low back pain: Patient Preference and Adherence
    Serotonin Syndrome: Is It a Reason to Avoid the Use of Tramadol With Antidepressants?: Journal of Pharmacy Practice

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  19. 06/11/2013 :

    SSRI Fracture Risk Exceeds That of Corticosteroids and PPIs: Medscape Medical News
    Drugs causing adverse events in patients aged 45 or older: a randomised survey of Australian general practice patients: BMJ
    Factors influencing adherence in long-term use of statins: Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety
    Association of statin use with risk of dementia: A meta-analysis of prospective cohort studies: Geriatr Gerontol Int

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  20. 30/10/2013 :

    Safety and efficacy of montelukast as adjunctive therapy for treatment of asthma in elderly patients: Clinical Interventions in Aging
    Factor Xa inhibitors versus vitamin K antagonists for preventing cerebral or systemic embolism in patients with atrial fibrillation: Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews
    New Data Dispute Calcium Cardiovascular Risk in Both Sexes: Medscape Medical News
    Effects of vitamin D supplements on bone mineral density: a systematic review and meta-analysis: Lancet

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