Responsibilities for Registration

Pharmacists have an obligation of registering with the relevant Board and meet all the registration standards before they can practice in Australia. This guideline was developed with the help of the Pharmacy Board of Australia in accordance to section 39 which is under the health Practitioner Regulation National Law Act’ for every state and territory. Apparently, you need to have a full understanding of the Australian pharmacists’ responsibilities for registration before setting out to practice pharmacy or establish your own pharmacy in the country.


Before registering to become a fully recognized pharmacist, there are obligations that you need to fulfil. It is essential that you meet all the national registration standards, guidelines and codes after completing an approved program that entails your studies, internship and of course, examination. The other obligations follow suit once you are already practicing your profession.

Types of Registrations

There are different types of registration you need to know if you want to practice pharmacy in Australia. These include the general registration and limited registration which are set in place for postgraduate training and supervised practice. The other types of registration fall under provisional, non-practicing and student registration depending on your area of expertise.

Responsibilities for Registration

As a pharmacist in Australia, there is a clear guideline that governs the way you practice your profession or how you are conducting your pharmacy business. Some of the responsibilities include the following:

● First, you need to ensure that the right or appropriate risk management procedure is put in place

● You should have a better understanding of a wide range of medical products or goods sold and the type of services provided at your pharmacy business. These may include non-traditional as well as novel goods and services such as teeth whitening products or pathology collection services.

● Making sure that your pharmacy is stocked well with the right products. Also, your employees should be trained sufficiently in relation to the goods and services that your pharmacy provides.

● Have a better understanding of the liabilities that come with the usual sale of goods and provision of relevant services.

● Maintaining the right standards that govern the type of services your pharmacy provides to the client. The same standards should be applied to the products being sold especially those that are subject to being abused or misused

● Finally, you should ensure that all business procedures and policies put in place by the proprietors are followed accordingly.

On the other hand, pharmacists in Australia are also required to work in hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and retail pharmacies. They are also tasked with the responsibility of working closely with various doctors in a bid to determine the right medicines for the patients, the dispensation of prescribed drugs in hospitals, promote health awareness and so on.

As more and more people seek medical services, the role of pharmacists in Australia keeps on growing to meet the demand for medical services. As such, pharmacists have an array of responsibilities that go beyond dealing with drugs and medicines hence the need for registration.

Benefits of Australian Pharmacists

The Australian community pharmacy system is well-known as world-best and a number of individuals in the country can attest to that fact. This is normally attributed to the level of expertise and knowledge that is crucial among Australia which indicates that healthcare is something taken very seriously by everyone. That is why you have to know your pharmacists in order to have access to the readily available healthcare in a more convenient and affordable manner. However, what is important is the need to know the 5 benefits of Australian pharmacists in your community so that you can reach out to them anytime you have an emergency related to your health.

Availability of your medical records

There are more than 5000 community pharmacies in Australia and most of the people enjoy the benefits and convenience that come with visiting their regular pharmacies. One of the main reasons for using one pharmacy all the time is the availability of medical history which is equally important to the healthcare professionals in connection to the eHealth systems within the country. The records turn out accurately if you have one particular pharmacist who always attends to your regular medical needs.

A good relationship with your pharmacists and staff

A healthy and sound relationship between you and your pharmacist means that you can never miss out on your medical needs. To achieve that relationship, you should consider using your regular pharmacy for mutual benefit and establishment of casual friendship with staff who will always be aware of your health needs as well as medicines you take on the regular basis. This can be a great way of making you become aware of your health status and you can feel free to address your health issues given that there’s some element of trust between the staff and you.

The need for professional advice and counselling

Your pharmacist should be the first person you can lay your trust in when it comes to health matters. In fact, these professionals are there to listen to your queries and problems and if possible, they can provide you with a working solution. If you want some helpful advice in connection to your health status, you can always think of your pharmacist for professional advice and counselling especially when seeking information on specific medicines. After all, having a good relationship with your pharmacist can be advantageous to you in such a way that it can lead to maximizing benefits of your overall health regimen.

Delivery of the professional services

Once there’s an established relationship with your pharmacists, chances are, you will enjoy most of their professional services. These healthcare services are normally performed by pharmacy staff for the sake of supporting your health. They may include your weight management, diabetes management, smoking cessation, sleep services and blood pressure among others

Attending to your emergency needs

Besides dispensing prescribed drugs or medicines to you, your pharmacist can help by attending to your emergency needs such as ailments and minor wounds. Instead of visiting a doctor straight away, the first person you can think of is your regular pharmacist who can examine you immediately before referring you to a doctor for further treatment.

Final Thought

Pharmacists are the first health professionals you are likely to come across in case of some medical emergency and that are why you should know their benefits. Take advantage of that and improve your lifestyle while knowing your health history.

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