The Most Effective Way to a Brighter Smile.

Most individuals choose the in-office teeth whitening method, but that does not mean that it provides the best results. You should not expect immediate results when whitening your teeth. The best and effective way to get whiter teeth is to do the whitening slowly. Think of the process like baking cookies.

To bake your cookies, you will have to put them in the oven at 350 degrees and leave them for around 12 minutes. If you wanted the cookies to cook faster, you would not double the temperature and halve the baking time – because the results would be unpleasant. For a similar reason, you have to whiten your teeth slowly – or use a low concentration of whitening gel for a longer period. The gel pharmacists provide will penetrate into your teeth deeply and offer permanent color change.

Due to the high concentration of the teeth whitening gels you expected in dental offices, they dehydrate the teeth causing rebound effects – yellowing of the teeth. Dehydration is less likely to happen when using the custom-made trays because the concentration of the white gel is usually low.

In-office teeth whitening might be a good option, particularly when you need to whiten your teeth within a short time. But if you are not in any hurry, custom whitening trays (offered by dentists) are a better choice because they are safe and will offer long-lasting effects.

To whiten your teeth properly, you will definitely need a lowly concentrated gel that professional dentistry at Miranda offers and use it over several weeks. With custom whitening trays, your teeth will remain exposed to less concentrated whitening gel (roughly 10-20 percent) but for a long period (1-8 hours per day).

With in-office whitening, your teeth will be exposed to very strong gel (30-35 percent carbon peroxide solution) for a very short time. Slow but steady whitening will win the race at the end. Here are some of the reasons you should go for the custom-made teeth whitening trays.

–          Cost-effective

After purchasing the custom-teeth whitening tray, you will have a system to whiten your teeth throughout your life. Even though the whitening effects are permanent, the yellowing will repeat because that is what happens as you age. So, to maintain the pleasant results, you will have to use the whitening trays after every five years.

The tray will come with several syringes, each going for $25. The cost is lower than having to go back to a dentist after the five years for another round of teeth bleaching, which can cost you $300 to $900 per session. A custom tray will cost you around $300-400 and will allow you to whiten your teeth without the help of a dental practitioner.

–          Safe for the gums

A custom teeth-whitening tray will allow you to place the gel on your teeth and away from the gums. If you do it properly, the whitening gel will not encounter your gums – that is different with whitening strips. Free radical reactions occur and damage the gums if the gel gets into contact with them.

–          Great whitening results

Whitening strips function more like custom whitening trays but they have one primary drawback – they will not curve with your teeth or clean in-between gaps. Even though whitening strips can make a great budget alternative, you will get uneven results at the center of your teeth – some parts will be whiter than the others are. Strips might damage your gums if they get into contact.