What’s the Pharmacists’ Role in a Dental Clinic?

A pharmacist plays an essential role within the dentistry community. Pharmacists are responsible for providing patients with medication after consultation with a doctor. They also prescribe over the counter medication. Many people wonder why pharmacists and pharmacies are required within the dental community, however, they do play a strong role in providing patients with the best care they deserve.

Common Complaints

Many times, people come to a pharmacist with a common complaint. It is something that doesn’t need the dentist’s consultation. Rather it’s a very small issue that can easily be solved with over the counter medication. Issues such as canker sores and bleeding gums don’t really require immediate attention and can be treated easily. In such situations, most people come to pharmacists to get a recommendation for a small problem that can be treated easily. They recommend a medicine that will help cure your small oral problems or can suggest you see a dentist if they feel the problem is not small. At times, problems like a toothache can be given temporary solutions, but should always be shown to a dentist immediately as it could have an underlying cause too.

Pharmaceutical Resources

At times, pharmacists at pharmacies can recommend products that will actually make the patient’s life easier. Products that may help improve your dental hygiene and oral health such as toothbrushes which help keep your mouth clean. They can easily recommend the best brand according to your presenting complaint. They can also recommend the right type of toothpaste for you that will help you get rid of the problem you are facing. Pharmacists can also help you choose the correct teething products for your children and their teeth. Many babies become cranky when they begin teething so they can recommend the correct teething toys and gum soothing products a parent should use in such a scenario.

Drug Prescriptions:

Pharmacists can also recommend and prescribe patients with antibiotics that can help alleviate the pain and risk of infection. However, patients will need to fully inform the pharmacist of any underlying cardiac conditions they may be facing or have faced in the past. It’s always best to fill in your pharmacist on all these details and let them know of all drugs you may have used. This will help them detect drug overlapping that may be harmful to the patient and may cause adverse reactions.

All these reasons show that pharmacists play an important and essential role in the oral health industry. They can provide you with the right medication and can also help catch any drug interactions which may harm you in any way. Pharmacists can save you the effort, money and time by saving you a trip to your dentist’s office. All this shows the importance a pharmacist holds in the oral industry and how essential their role is.