Dentures – Find Out If You Are a Good Candidate

When you lose teeth in an accident or after a dental disease or caries, you do not have to keep worrying about how you will look with a gap. The good news is that you can have the teeth replaced using one of the most innovative dental technologies in the market today: dentures! They are used to eliminate empty spaces, thus making them highly preferred artificial teeth. Dental implants and bridges are also commonly used to replace missing teeth.

With dentures, you will retain your masticatory functions while maintaining your facial form for aesthetic reasons. Getting dentures installed is an economical procedure that makes chewing significantly simpler. Before deciding to use dentures, however, you should consult a dentist who will determine whether or not they are a great option for you.

Why Get Dentures?

The thing with dentures is that they look real, which means that other people can hardly differentiate them from your natural teeth. The partial dentures being made today are also designed for comfort.

When you have a missing tooth, the gap might negatively affect the others since they shift around your mouth. Seeing as they look natural, dentures are perfect for stabilising the surrounding teeth. Getting dentures means you’ll be able to speak better and more clearly. This is due to the jaw being under less stress after dentures have been installed. Dentures also eliminate the causes of facial muscle sag in addition to reducing the probability of contracting a periodontal disease. It is also imperative to note that after a tooth has gone missing, the remaining teeth may collapse into the emptiness, a situation prevented by dentures. Such beneficial attributes make dentures a great way to replace your teeth if you, for example, have been in an accident or are a victim of dental caries or diseases.

Different Types of Dentures

There are different types of dentures:

  • Custom dentures
  • Immediate dentures
  • Snap-in dentures
  • Full dentures
  • Partial dentures
  • Upper dentures
  • Overdentures

The most extensive procedure is the full or complete dentures where you replace every missing tooth including the underlying bone in your dental arch. On the contrary, partial dentures – which is a more commonly used procedure – replace lost teeth that are supported by adjacent teeth or the teeth plus tissues.

Of these two, partial dentures are considered to have the most stability because they stand supported by other teeth and tissues. These dentures can be readily retained since they are held by the other natural teeth. Complete dentures, on the other hand, require constant maintenance since in most cases, there is no tissue or natural teeth for support.

Where to Have Dentures Made

Make sure you do thorough research before deciding on which clinic to go to when having your dentures made. If you live in Brisbane, we would highly recommend Pure Dentistry as an institution. Moreover, you should contact the specialised dentist for dentures if you have missing teeth for whatever reason. They do both partial and full dentures depending on the needs of each patient.

Prior to decision making, think about dentures, what to expect, and how you can care for them for longevity. At Pure Dentistry, the professionals are available 24/7, which means that you can book an appointment anytime for a world-class consultation.