What is an Eyewash Station and Why Do You Need It?

Workplace injuries are quite common even in sites with complete safety measures. However, having the right facilities makes it easier to tackle the injuries right after they occur. This helps avoid a bigger damage. A lot of workers tend to experience eye injuries, especially those working in construction sites or those with direct contact with harmful chemicals.

Unfortunately, the risk cannot be avoided completely ruled out because that’s humanly impossible. However, we can always have a complete action plan to carefully deal with such unpleasant situations. If your workplace has higher chances of causing eye injuries, then it is compulsory to have an eyewash station that is accessible for all.

The importance of an eyewash station can never be undermined because it saves you from developing severe infections or an irreversible damage like blindness. Workers who don’t have strong immunity are more at risk of the consequences of such injuries. All workplaces need to be educated about it as it’s the matter of someone’s health and life. Sadly, some don’t even know about the existence of eyewash stations.

Let us tell you about eyewash stations. They are small units specifically designed to decontaminate your eyes as soon as you are exposed to hazardous chemicals in your workplace. It helps minimize the risk of developing complications. Eyewash stations are highly important in all labs and workplaces with harmful substances because it is not possible to seek medical attention or get medications within the first few minutes.

The chemicals need to be washed off within the first 10 to 15 seconds. A small delay can even cost you your life. With eyewash stations, workplaces should also install emergency showers in case the rest of the body comes in contact with dangerous substances or if there is a fire substance.

Eyewash stations must be placed in several locations in the workplace especially when the site is spread across a large area. Such emergency units are only effective if they are placed within the range of majority. To be more exact, the affected person should be able to access the station in not more than 10 seconds. You may click here to find portable eyewash station.

In addition to this, eyewash stations must have the ability to rinse both the eyes at a time as there is absolutely no room for delays.

In some parts of the world, the local laws have declared eyewash stations and emergency showers a must. There is no choice, but to abide by these laws to ensure the safety and security of your workers.

Having functional eyewash stations also boosts the confidence and productivity of your workers as it instills a sense of safety in them. They will work better knowing that their workplace has proper arrangements to minimize the impact of accidents.

Moreover, the presence of eyewash stations and emergency showers also helps build the repute of your company. Any workplace that puts the safety of their workers before anything else is always looked forward to work with.