4 Ways You Can Turn Your Happy Weight into Healthy Weight

If your weight hasn’t increased in the last decade or more, than you’re probably a very lucky person. According to research, an average of 41% Australians adults are overweight and a large number of overweight adults either refuse to acknowledge the fact that they are overweight, or they are just happy about their weight and wouldn’t want to lose any weight.

This whole thought process of Healthy Weight Vs Happy Weight was also triggered by an obsolete study of 2007 which claimed that a happy weight didn’t have serious consequences on a person’s health and life expectancy. Even though that study was quickly disregarded by a majority of doctors worldwide, the public still seems to hold it somewhat true in order to keep their happy weight.

Being overweight can lead to many health issues and is considered one of the leading causes of diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol and heart diseases. The ideal approach actually is a healthy weight and a happy body and here are 5 ways to achieve that!

  1. Strength Training: Regardless of whether you want to get that pumped body builder’s physique or just an active lifestyle, making strength training a part of your regular routine is very important. Strength training not only reduces risks of injury but also reduces the chances of osteoporosis, arthritis and other bone and muscle related diseases. You can select from the many strength training courses offered by the Injury Clinic and start you training today.
  2. Healthy Eating: One of the key steps to having a healthy weight and a happy body is a well-balanced diet. No one is asking you to completely cut down the carbs or the junk from your diet if that’s what you love. But what you can do is balance off those carbs with the right quantity of proteins and other micro and macronutrients, reduce the amount of your junk intake and increase your fluid intake levels. A balanced diet contributes greatly towards a healthy weight and also helps making your immunity stronger.
  3. Sound Sleep: We might ignore the importance of sleep in reference to a healthy body weight but according to health experts, a good 8 hour sleep is very important for good metabolism. Lower the number of hours you sleep lower the resting metabolism rate of your body, which eventually means your body will cut down a decreased amount of fat.
  4. Multivitamins Intake: Just like a balanced diet, multivitamins are also very important for a healthy life. If you regular diet doesn’t include a frequent intake of Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin B12 or calcium, it is recommended that you get your doctor to prescribe you multivitamins and you make them a part of your regular routine. In order to better organize the intake of your multivitamins, read our top tips to manage your pills.