Benefits of the Bambach Saddle Seat.

You must have noticed when you go on your routine checkup to the dentist that your dentist sits on a saddle-looking seat. That seat is called a bambach seat.

Though the bambach seat may look uncomfortable to sit on, and you may assume it a seat used for training rodeo riders, this seat offers many benefits. At first, it may feel a bit strange and may take some time for you to adjust yourself on this seat. However, once you find yourself accustomed to this seat, you will not want to sit on any other chair.

Your Internal Organs Do Not Get Compressed

When you sit on a bambach seat, your abdomen and lungs feel relief from the usual compression that is felt when you sit on other kinds of seats. The bambach seat allows your abdominal organs and lungs to feel a new sensation of having adequate space to function properly. Most people using the bambach seat describe relief from indigestion and improvements in their breathing.

The Bambach Improves Your Posture

One of the reasons why people face back pain or neck problems is because they fail to maintain a good posture. You must have noticed people who have neck and/or back pain habitually stand up in order to get relief. If you sit on a Bambach seat, your body stays in the same posture as when standing. This way, you avoid putting stress on your back from the outset. If you do have a neck and/or back pain, you will find sitting on this seat to provide you with immediate relief.

You Are Able To Work More Efficiently

If you are not able to find yourself seated comfortably in your office chair or your dentist chair, how can you expect yourself to give your best work to your clients or patients?

As you sit on the bambach seat, the pelvis stays erect which helps keep your spine, head, neck, and shoulder girdle in its optimum position. When you are able to sit comfortably, only then will you be able to put your best and perform maximally in your job. Many people who use a bambach seat for work report that they feel less fatigue and stress by the end of the day. They leave work feeling happy and invigorated.

Promotes Blood Circulation

It has been reported that those individuals who use the Bambach Seat find drastic improvement in their varicose veins. While sitting on the Bambach Seat, you will not be able to cross your legs. Thus, the lymph and blood circulation to your legs is assured.

Reduces Your Risks of Getting Hip Problems

With the passage of time, our health starts to deteriorate. As we get older, we are more prone to developing hip problems. Most conventional chairs allow the user to position their legs and knees into an adducted position. The Bambach Seat forces you to keep your knees open. Thus, you exert less stress on your hip joints. Find out more ways to reduce your risks from the experts.