Reap the Health Benefits of Dried Foods | 10 Healthy Foods You can make in a Food Dehydrator

Firstly ensure that you are purchasing the best food dehydrator for home use. It will be your lifetime investment if you are buying an authentic and reliable brand. There are multiple brands that offer food dehydrators when you are out there to buy one make sure you are familiar with how you will be using it.

Here are few of the ways in which you can efficiently use the food dehydrator

1.   Make crispy nuts

Nuts are first love, apart from those who are allergic to it. Never miss out the chance to make nuts crispier and crunchier. You can easily dehydrate nuts at your home, no need of buying them from the store. All you need to do is wait until the dehydrator works.

2.   Make apple chips

Add crunch to your cereal bowl buy adding some nuts and apple chips. Slice thin apple and place it on the rack, leave it till the food dehydrator shows its magic and turn them into crunchy chips. Replace the potato chips with healthy apple chips.

Apple chips on baking parchment paper

3.   Dried cherry tomatoes

Beautiful beef steak with mushroom sauce and sundried tomatoes, a perfect dish for wholesome dinner. Now that you know how to nail the beef steak you can get your hands on dried tomatoes through your food dehydrator and plate some delicious food.

4.   Homemade yogurt

Who doesn’t like homemade yogurt? I guess we all do. You can now make it at your home through a simple process, moreover, you can make flavoured yogurts. Remember that you need to pay attention to the temperature you maintain.

5.   Sprouted Flour

Food dehydrators are best to help you dry out grains to make sprouted flour. All you need to do it patiently wait till it dries at a low temperature and then grind to perfection.

6.   Dried out herbs

Fresh herbs are widely available in spring, if you miss the true flavour of herbs and find that there is something missing in the store bought jars, then you can simply dry out fresh herbs in the dehydrator and store them in a jar to get the same flavour of fresh herbs in winters.

7.   Sauce paper

In mood of creating something fancy for the guests? Why not try making some paper sauce. All you need to do is spread any sauce you desire on the rack and let the moist dry out until it turns into a paper like substance. Use it to layer your crackers and place it inside a sandwich.

8.   Dried berries

Dry seasonal berries to use it all around the year. Pop a handful in your favourite desert or take them to work to munch on a healthy snack. Smile wide and eat healthily!

9.   Your own prunes

Get some fresh plums from store when in season and cut them through to deseed it and let it tryout in the food dehydrator till it turns to perfect homemade prunes.

10. Making crackers

Experiment with the mixture of berries, honey, lemon zest and nuts to make crackers. They prove to be a healthy alternative for the junk food we munch on during the day.