8 Benefits of Physio for Older Adults

Older age people go through multiple health issues including joint pains, cardiac illness and issues with balance and mobility as body muscles deteriorate with the passage of time. To improve the quality of life in older people p  is very important. Physical activity includes: exercise, sports as well as general walking and activity around the house.  It implores your command on motor function. Regular physical activities  lead to prevention of disease, extends years of active independent living, reduce disability and improve significant health quality for older people.

Appropriate physio for older people depend on the ability of the person. It could take many forms such as; walking, swimming, stretching, dancing, gardening, cycling and exercise sessions under surveillance of a skilled trainers.

Following are the health benefits of physio in order people:

Improved Capillary Density: Aerobic exercise improves immunity by enhancing capillary density, mitochondrial and enzyme levels in the skeletal muscles. It is important for older persons at least do 30 minutes of either walking, stationary cycling or jogging on a regular basis.

Minimizes disease rate: In older people risk of cardiac disease, brain hemorrhage, strokes a diabetes are common. Physio activities diminishes the risk as blood circulation level is increased during exercises which promotes all body organs to function appropriately

Improves immobility:  Exercises reduce the risk of immobility in older people and improves the health of muscles and joints eventually strengthening them and reducing the risk of serious injuries from accidental falls, ruptures and fractures. Exercise also controls excessive weight gain thus contributing to a healthy lifespan in older people.

Improves cognitive Functionalities: Regular exercise also Improves the cognitive function through reducing stress and anxiety. This not only makes older people more active and aware but also improves reflex actions and reduces the stress and anxiety levels.

Treating Pain: With the old age come issues such as joint pain, neck ache, back ache and sprained muscles. Exercices improve muscle strength, coordination and flexibility, as well as how joints function, thus reducing pain.

Post Op Recovery: Physio based exercise for older people having undergone surgery is important. With the help of a good physiotherapist you can continue with muscle stretching and relaxing exercises after surgery session.

Independence: Self-dependency rate increases with healthier life style. Older people prefer their independence not to be tarnished with age deterioration. Physio based exercises give a great boost to independence and quality of life.

According to a guideline published by the World Health Organization for the healthcare and activity levels of people aged 65 and above, both aerobic and strength training are essential for older people. older adults need to do at least 150–300 min of moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity, or at least 75–150 min of vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity every week in order to retain physical fitness and avoid risk of diseases and injury.

However, it is advisable that if any person aged 65 and above has a previous existing condition of a cardiovascular disease or weakened bones due to osteoporosis or arthritis, they first book a physio online with The Injury Clinic and acquire a trained physiotherapist to avoid any further complications.