5 Healthy Tips for Staying Active During Your ‘Time of the Month’

In today’s busy life, staying healthy seems like a complicated task, especially for women. They undergo several hormonal changes in a month, so following a healthy routine becomes almost impossible for them. In such circumstances, including easy methods in your routine can work wonders for you. After all, little things can make a big difference. So, here are some of the tips that you can follow to help you stay active and healthy while you are on your period.

1.   Wear Comfortable Underwear

A comfortable outfit is something you should consider when it comes to your periods. You should always have three or four outfits and underwear that is relaxing to wear as tight clothes in your waist area can give you cramps. Therefore, the first step towards staying active while on your period is choosing your outfit wisely. You can visit the website for clothes that are comfortable for your “time of the month.”

2.   Stay Hydrated And Include Ginger Tea In Your Liquid Diet

Periods can cause a deficiency of fluids in your body. So, to balance it, you must drink water as if you are a fish. Keep a bottle of water near you every time. You can also include ginger tea as a liquid drink as it helps relieve pain, which helps you stay active. 

3.   Do A Routine Exercise But Don’t Push Too Hard

Cut out the exercises like weight lifting from your routine exercises. Also, try to avoid exercises that require too much flexibility. Perform only the exercises that require minimum flexibility. You can do your routine stretching so that your muscles do not jam. Stretching reduces cramps during your periods, so make sure not to skip it. 

4.   Eat Light Food

Usually, eating light food is advised to pregnant women. But, it also works when you are menstruating. Every woman knows that their digestion goes crazy during their periods. It is because of all the activities that are happening in your digestive tract. The main causes of experiencing high levels of cramps are associated with the kind of food you eat. For instance, you should avoid eating rice. But you can eat boiled pulses. 

5.   Take Proper Rest

Periods can cause restlessness, and you might not even feel like sleeping. However, sleeping a minimum of 8 hours is important to restore the iron levels in your body. In fact, you should sleep for around 10 hours while you are menstruating. Doing so will keep your iron levels intact and will help you to stay fit and active. 

Bottom Line

These are some of the simple things that you can easily include in your diet and exercise routine. Drinking ginger tea reduces period pain. At the same time, stretching can relieve the cramps. However, doing all these things can be in vain if you are not adequately rested. So, to stay active during “your time of the month”, you need to follow all the essential tips given in this article.